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“I am a Singer” is a “friendly” competition between several of Korea’s most celebrated singers.  The show premiered with great ratings but had to take an one month hiatus when the producers bent the rules for one of the singers causing outrage among viewers.

In episode 3, Yoon Do Hyun ranked first and Kim Gun Mo ranked last.  As the last placed contestant, Kim Gun Mo was eliminated from the show.  The other members of the group were adamant that he get another chance and the producer gave in and let Kim perform another week.  In the following episode,  Jung Yup ended up in last place and given the boot.  It seemed unfair that Kim got a second chance and because of the public outcry, the show was put on hiatus as “punishment.”

Anyways, this week’s episode was merely a recap setting up anticipation for next week’s show.  And it’s going to be interesting as they introduce vocal powerhouse Im Jae Bum, diva BMK and old school singer Kim Yun Woo.

If you follow MBC’s Star Audition Birth of a Great Star, you might want to take notice of Im Jae Bum and Kim Yun Woo’s performances and compare them to the contestants.  In one of the earlier episodes Lee Tae Kwon sang Toy’s 여전히 아름다운지 while Kim Hyeri sang Im Jae Bum’s 너를 위해.  While you can watch old clips of the original singers in action, it’ll be interesting how these old school singers present their songs after all these years.