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Date 2011.04.29

Tonight the format of the show changed a bit and instead of the MC introducing the show, there were clips of the kids filming a commercial and surfing their me2day account (aka Korean version of Twitter aka irrelevant because there’s real Twitter).  Baek Chung Kang and David Oh compared how many followers they had (over 41,000) while Shayne jealously looked on.  Shayne has a huge following in Korea so I’m sure his numbers aren’t that bad.   Another change is that only one contestant was being eliminated instead of the usual two.

Last week, there were 4.3 million votes cast which goes to show you how popular this show is becoming.  Not only that, the show must be racking up some major endorsement deals based on the new bottles of tea on the judges table, the filming of commercials, etc.

The challenge as noted by several news articles was to remake a Cho Young Pil song.  I’ve heard of the guy but I don’t know much about him.  After researching wiki and my mom, I conclude that he’s like the Korean equivalent of Elvis.  The rock/pop god of his times.  Surprisingly he wasn’t this weeks mentor.  Instead Cho Young Pil’s band “The Great Birth” stepped in to help the six contestants do justice to Cho’s songs.  And even better, the band was going to back these kids up during their performances, the first time the band has played for anyone other than Cho in 20 years.

First up was Baek Chung Gang singing “미지의 세계” aka “The Unknown World.”  I know I root for him and don’t seem neutral but I swear he keeps getting better each week.  I was amazed at how he was able to change the tone of his voice to fit this song.  Also the nasal habit he has disappeared during 90% of this song.

KYA said that he seemed to be low on energy today but appreciated his voice while Mentor Shin said that each week its getter harder and harder to point out the flaws and noticed that he was less nervous today.  Mentor Lee seemed to indirectly address the drama from last week (she and mentor Bang had given ChungKang low scores which caused a huge influx of negative comments toward the two mentors) by saying this show was not about drama but about people becoming singers and Chung Kang isn’t fully there yet.  He wasn’t dynamic today and needed work.  Mentor Bang said that he seemed awkward with the band and noticed the nasal sound more today (I must be deaf because I thought he did much better today with the nasal habit).

Bang: 8.1   Lee: 8.2   Shin:  9.0    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.8 = 34.1

Next up was Son Jin Young singing “바람의 노래” aka “Song of the Wind.”  Vocally he was so much better than last week.  Also several weeks ago, Park Kollen had noted that he has better rhythm than say Lee TaeKwon which really showed here.

KYA said that today was the first time she saw him not as someone trying to be a singer but as a singer and said that he was able to control his expressions/emotions better than in previous weeks.  Mentor Shin said that the first half of the song was a bit weak compared to the second and Mentor Lee agreed.  Mentor Bang just stated that he wants Jinyoung to sing like he sang during the audition phase.

Bang: 7.9   Lee: 8.5   Shin:  8.6    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.6 = 33.6

Third was Jung Heejoo singing “이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네” aka “I Hope So” and girl wore a dress tonight.  Her mentor has a interesting eye for fashion and I was hoping there would be a change of clothes considering they’ve been putting Heejoo in two piece ensembles when I was pretty sure she’d be able to pull of something more…feminine.  I can’t say I like the dress but its definitely a change.  Her performance as usual was on point.  I almost never have anything bad to say about her performances.  I did notice that she had some control issues but that’s about it.  Her stage presence is good, not great but better than some others.

KTW said the song really suited her voice and color.  Mentor Shin stated that there were times where she incorrectly hit the note short when she should have held the note for longer and vice versa but liked the emotion she put into it.  Mentor Lee agreed with Shin and added that she needed to work on the chorus.  Mentor Bang said that it was beautiful but it wasn’t dynamic enough.

Bang: 8.7   Lee: 8.9   Shin:  8.7    KTW:  9.2   KYA:  No Vote = 35.5

Next up was Shayne singing “단발머리” aka “Short Hair.”  This is one of the two songs I know from Cho Young Pil and Shayne did it justice.  I was a bit disappointed with how loud the background singers were and was hard to judge his singing at times but from what I heard it was great.  Shayne however really needs to work on his footwork.  From the waist up he seemed fine but once they panned out and you saw him trying to groove with the beat it just looked awkward.  I feel like his mentor told him to do that because Shayne did not look comfortable.

KYA said wanted to see a different side and she thought he showed it today.  However the second part lacked energy but she really is amazed at his Korean skills.  KTW said that the amount of practice and effort Shayne puts into his singing is beautiful.  (I wonder if KTW has ever done one of these shows without saying the word beautiful).  Mentor Lee said that the song is sweet and Shayne was able to portray that sweetness but he failed to move to the beat of the song.  Mentor Bang said that he loved this new side of Shayne.

Bang: 8.8   Lee: 8.5   Shin:  No Vote    KTW:  8.5   KYA:  8.6 = 34.4

The next contestant was Lee TaeKwon singing “Dream.”  Did they start shading in his eyebrows because I swore they were a bit darker today.  Again like Heejoo, I tend to look at things outside of his performance because he’s been consistently good each week.  Interestingly I saw a youtube clip of him singing Radiohead’s Jigsaw Fall Into Place and its amazing how he can switch from rock to ballad so smoothly.

KYA said that the rehersals were better while Mentor Shin said that while Taekwon tried to sing the song perfectly, its better to try to sing with more emotion.  Mentor Lee said that at first her score was low but when Taekwon sang a particular lyric it moved her so she upped her score.  Mentor Bang said that he needed to listen to the drums and hit the points of the song.

Bang: 8.5   Lee: 9.0   Shin:  8.7    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.9 = 35.1

Final singer was David Oh singing “Lets Go on a Vacation.”  I actually thought this song was by Lee Seung Gi but realized it was a remake of Cho Young Pil’s original.  And omg David didn’t have his guitar.  And this was by far his best performance to date.  Also his mentor went all out and had David playing air guitar and released a ton of confetti into the air during the performance.  It was a spectacle but actually appropriate for the song.

KYA said that if he’s going to run around he has to make sure to listen to the beat and doesn’t go off key.  KTW said that he was sorry for ever saying David could only do songs with an acoustic guitar and hopes he keeps it up.  Mentor Shin said that the performance was great and Mentor Lee said that she wanted to go up and head bang with him.

Bang: No Vote   Lee: 9.3   Shin:  8.9    KTW:  9.0   KYA:  8.2 = 35.4

As the votes were being counted, the group performed to “청춘시대” in full rock and roll gear and choreography.  Also, the MC wanted us all to know that MBC is starting auditions for season 2 so get your bars up.

Baek Chung Gang, Lee Tae Kwon and Shayne were all deemed safe while Son Jin Young, David Oh and Jung Heejoo were up for the chopping block.  After encouragement from each of their mentors, Heejoo was eliminated from the competition.

I think everyone knew she was going to leave because its been a trend for all the girls to be eliminated early into any singing competition.  Somehow I hoped this show would be different but once I saw Hyeri leave I knew Heejoo wouldn’t be far behind.  Heejoo was one of the only contestants who was consistently good from the get go and like her mentor said at the end, she definitely wasn’t eliminated because of her singing.

Heejoo is from Canada and left to come to Korea to study music and tonight was the first time she’s seen her parents in over a year.  Its nice to know she’s got some family to lean on considering how hard this entire competition has been for her as well as the other contestants.  I wonder if they came on the same plane as Shayne’s mom because she was also in the audience cheering her son on.  Love the family moments.

Also, the band was AMAZING.  They made the contestants perform better and I had a really hard time trying to figure out who the stinker was tonight.  At first I was disappointed that Cho Young Pil wasn’t the mentor but I can see why the show had the band come and perform with the kids.  Seriously awesome.

Finally, can someone tell David Oh’s fanclub that “David in Us” doesn’t sound right.  Unless they actually want David in them.  Which in that case, carry on.

Shayne’s version of Rain’s “Avoiding the Sun” is charting on Bugs Realtime Music Chart.  It’s currently at #38.  He must have some mojo going as he also charted last week with his version of Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why.”  Looks like a lot of people are interested in the show as Lee Tae Kwon’s version of “Bad Case of Loving You” and Kim Hyeri’s version of 2 Different Tears is also ranked within the top 50.

Source:  (newsen)

“I am a Singer” is a “friendly” competition between several of Korea’s most celebrated singers.  The show premiered with great ratings but had to take an one month hiatus when the producers bent the rules for one of the singers causing outrage among viewers.

In episode 3, Yoon Do Hyun ranked first and Kim Gun Mo ranked last.  As the last placed contestant, Kim Gun Mo was eliminated from the show.  The other members of the group were adamant that he get another chance and the producer gave in and let Kim perform another week.  In the following episode,  Jung Yup ended up in last place and given the boot.  It seemed unfair that Kim got a second chance and because of the public outcry, the show was put on hiatus as “punishment.”

Anyways, this week’s episode was merely a recap setting up anticipation for next week’s show.  And it’s going to be interesting as they introduce vocal powerhouse Im Jae Bum, diva BMK and old school singer Kim Yun Woo.

If you follow MBC’s Star Audition Birth of a Great Star, you might want to take notice of Im Jae Bum and Kim Yun Woo’s performances and compare them to the contestants.  In one of the earlier episodes Lee Tae Kwon sang Toy’s 여전히 아름다운지 while Kim Hyeri sang Im Jae Bum’s 너를 위해.  While you can watch old clips of the original singers in action, it’ll be interesting how these old school singers present their songs after all these years.