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I haven’t gotten around to recapping Episode 09 because I’m still recuperating from that insane Kpop concert they had in New Jersey.  Two words:  Never.  Again.  I thought Koreans were crazy but these non Korean fans take the cake.  Okay back to the recap.

Who was eliminated:  Chris and Shin Ji Soo.  Finally.  I never enjoyed Chris’ singing.  Yes he can make pretty noises but all he ever does is wait until he can belt out some R&B notes as loud as he can to prove how awesome of a singer he is.  WooooohooooooooyeahhhHH~H~~~HH~~~.  That’s not singing and every R&B singer who does this irks me to no end.  Singing takes emotions both ebbing and flowing.  At first I thought it was because he didn’t know Korean enough to convey the emotions through his voice but even when he sings American songs its pretty obvious that he doesn’t have the discipline and control needed to be an awesome singer.

As for Shin Jisoo, she blamed being sick for her lackluster performances but I don’t agree.  Yes she probably was sick but at the same time, in every clip they showed of her, she was screaming, talking, laughing out loud, etc.  I didn’t see a chica that was protecting her voice at all.  For a girl who is deemed a greedy bitch, I’d think her first thought would have been to stfu and try to heal her throat.  But what do I know, I wasn’t there.  I am just conveying my opinion based on the information I had before me.

In the beginning of the show, they again had a cheesy taped segment.  This time, the contestants went to “confessional” to talk about their insecurities and afterwards each group was sent to get some advice from senior singers.  Two Months and Oohlala Session got to meet Rain (JEALOUS!), while Chris met with Kim Johan, Kim Do Hyun and Christina met with Girl’s Generation, Shin Jisoo with Brown Eyed Girls, and Busker Busker met with Dynamic Duo.

They all small talked and did random shots to fill the time before the live singing.  It wasn’t that interesting except for when Denny Do from Two Months was forced to do Rain’s dance from “Love Song.”  The awkwardness that ensued was so adorable I wanted to pinch the kid.  He’s absolutely the shyest and quietest guy I’ve seen on any of these shows but he seems to be coming out of his shell a bit.

After each contestant met with their “mentor for a day”, the mentors gave everyone a report card to determine this week’s mission winner.

The mission for the live performances was to invite someone to the show and sing a song for them.  Chris was up first and he decided to sing “Run Devil Run” by Girl’s Generation and directed toward an ex girlfriend who had cheated on him.  What in the what was this guy thinking?!  The entire mission is to convey gratitude, longing and reminiscence, not hateration.  He totally misunderstood the challenge.  While other contestants picked a song that pulled on the audience’s heartstrings, he sang a song for his ex girlfriend.  I can’t.

His accent is really bad and low stage presence.  It was awkward and in the end I think the novelty of having a white kid on television singing Korean songs has worn off and the audience began to see and judge him for his performance.  I miss Shayne from Birth of a Great Star.  I wasn’t his fan but foreigner versus foreigner, Shayne was 100 times better than Chris.

Next was Kim Do Hyun singing “I’m dreaming” by Kim Tae Woo for his wrestling coach.  Of all the solo singers, I love him the most.  He’s so genuine and honest on and off the stage.  While he doesn’t have the greatest voice, I feel like he’s gotten this far because he’s so likeable.  I don’t see him making it to the top 3 but he’s so sweet I feel bad for writing that.  :T

Third up was Busker Busker singing “Stop” by Panic for the lead singer’s mom.  When he was young, his father died and his mom raised two sons by herself.  Even though it was a struggle for her, she never let on to her sons and tried to give them the best childhood she could.  As he thinks back on those times, he realizes how immature he was and the song is a “thank you” for everything his mom has done for him.

I don’t know.  Something was off about their performance.  Maybe he was trying to hold back his emotions or maybe Busker Busker isn’t so great with slow songs.  Either way, I wanted to fast forward their performance less than 30 seconds into it which is never a good sign.

After Busker Busker was Shin Ji Soo singing “Road” by G.O.D. which she was going to sing to herself.  To Herself.  I know she was trying to be deep but it just ended up being a hot mess.  She really seems to lack self awareness and it shows when she’s on stage.   She’s so deliberate in her moves that everyone can see that the moves are planned out.  That’s fine if you can execute it but the girl can’t.  Since the beginning, she’s been trying so hard to portray emotions and stage presence that it seems artificial.  If she just stood there with a stand and sung this song with some inflection, it would have been so much better.  Half of this song is rapping.  Why did she choose this song?!  I don’t think she deserves to be in the top 7 let alone top 10.  However she was picked and I’d rather see every eliminated contestant go home on a high note rather than a nose dive off mount everest.

Next was Ooh La La Session singing “Beauty” by Shin Joong Hyun for their fifth member.  The group is a five member group but their last member had to drop out of Superstar K3 because he and his wife had just given birth.  They wanted to perform on stage and have all five members there.  Even before I saw the performance I knew they were going to rock it.  They have consistently won both the judges and the crowd’s favor.  It seems that OLLS and Two Months are the groups to beat this year.  Good because no one else got my attention this season.  The performance was awesome as usual.  They have great stage presence, harmony and chemistry.  And they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Afro + Disco + a Fireman’s Pole= Puahahaha.

The winner of the group missions (who also got to choose the order of the performers) was Christina and she sang next to last.  She sang “Firefly” by Shin Hyung Won for her abusive ex boyfriend.  Its interesting that the three most polarizing personalities of the seven all chose to sing songs about themselves and the struggles they went through.  The others all sang songs FOR another person.  Even before this episode, I thought Christina, Chris and Shin Jisoo were very stubborn and selfish.  It doesn’t help that I feel as if these traits were confirmed throughout the competition.

Definitely one of her better performances but she’s very similar to Chris.  She just adds huge amounts of vibrato thinking it’ll impress everyone.  Yeah, maybe the first 10 times you do it but that gets tiredsome real quick.  Add to that her overreactions and general over emoting, I foresee her being cut sooner than later.

The final performance of the night was by Two Months singing “Brown City” by Brown Eyed Soul to sing to their parents.  Oh dear, BES is hard to sing.  They’ve got Naul, Jung Yup, and two other awesome singers harmonizing the shit out of their songs.  I was afraid that it was going to suck hard.  To my surprise Denny Do exuded  54.35% more confidence and even sang without his guitar and actually did better than his partner tonight.  They still really need to work on their stage presence and chemistry.  Its like watching a talent show.  They’re good but no where near the professionalism that Ooh La La Session gives off.

After a clip of the group meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Park Tae Hwan and a group performance of H.O.T’s “Hope” which they butchered, the votes were counted and Chris and Shin Jisoo got the boot.  Christina was freaking out and crying because she thought she was going to be eliminated, while Ooh La La Session won first place three weeks in a row.  I love those guys.  I hope the dude with the cancer doesn’t up and go into remission.  Its like a bad Korean drama where his dreams are about to come true only to find out he’s going to die.  Life, if you do that I’mma kill you!  Wait…did I just…