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Superstar K3 Episode 5

Posted on: September 11, 2011

The beginning of Super week where they group people up, make them bond, make them fight and then eliminate them from the competition.  This was one of the better episodes of this season but the editing was horrible.  Whoever edited this episode needs to be fired because it was filled with so many random pauses and slowmo scenes I wanted to choke someone.

In the first half of the show, the contestants were put into groups and the judges picked and chose who would continue on to the collaboration round of super week.  This season is interesting because the show not only had solo singers, they encouraged groups and bands.

After everything was said and done, about 20 eliminated contestants were given a second chance to impress the judges.  11 continued to the collaboration week.

If it seemed like I rushed through the first half, its because thats exactly what the editors did.  Instead of focusing on a select few and doing short edits of the other contestants, they just showed mini clip after mini clip of each audition which made it hard to connect with the show.  However once the auditioners were through to the collaboration round, it got a bit more interesting.

The entire group was sent to their hotel only when they got there the solo singers were separated from the group singers/bands.  Presented in front of the solo singers were kiosks with a song ranging from Queen’s “Somebody to Love” to SNSD’s “Kissing You.”  Once the choices were presented each singer stood in front of the song they wanted to sing.  While some lines had several people (Sistar19’s song “Ma Boy” had 10 solo singers), only one person stood in line for SNSD’s “Kissing You.”  All the groups that had 4 or more singers were to collaborate with each other on the song.  The groups with less than 4 had a few minutes to move to another group with more members.

In the line for Queen’s “Somebody to Love” (the only English song choice), Chris Golightly and two other English speakers contemplated whether to split up or try to get someone to come sing with them.  In the end, a shy kid with a guitar defected from his group and joined their team.

In the group room, the bands and groups all chose a song from a list ranging from Baek Ji Young’s “That Man” to Shinee’s “Juliette.”  Once each group picked a song, three bands/groups were joined together and forced to pick one song that they had to collaborate on (all within a few seconds).  This was very interesting because there were rap duos matched with full fledged bands, boybands with rockers, etc.

For the next few hours, the groups both solo and bands tried their best to come up with something to impress the judges.  Some groups worked way better than others and in one group (Sistar 19’s Ma Boy singers), one girl stood out as the kpop nazi forcing her opinion on to the others including two young girls.  The tension forced one of these two girls to start crying to which the nazi promptly told her in her coldest witch voice to be quiet.  Eventually the kpop nazi forced the group to split into two to the ire of some of the others.

The contestants barely got any sleep as the next day approached.  First up on stage was “One Last Stand” featuring Ooh la la session, Yeri Band and NYC contestants Fat Duo singing old school kpop song “A blurred image of you” by Hyun Jin Young.  The group was awesome considering there were so many people to collaborate with.  However one of the singers from Fat Duo forgot his lines and in the end Fat Duo was eliminated while Yeri Band and Oohlala session moved on to the next round.

Next was group Soul Survivor consisting of Chris Golightly, Christina, Park Sol and Lee Jung Ha singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”  I love that they picked Queen because it was timed just as it was Freddie Mercury’s birthday.  Now that’s the stuff I like about SSK.  The group got along very well and when the judges asked them who they would pick to eliminate, no one said anything.  I hate these stupid ass questions.  Wtf, why are you trying to bring out the worst in people??  Anyways, the group was so good the judges passed everyone to the next round.

The next group to come up was “Men” which had the groups Haze, Royal Tribe and JJ.  This group was filled with some big egos especially from the rappers.  How the the rappers even got this far in the competition baffles my mind because they sucked so bad.  Anyways, they sang Big Bang’s “Lie” and while it started off good, it became painfully obviously that they had f’d up.  In the end, it was the group Haze that were the only ones to get through to the next round.

The last group to audition was “Five Eagles” consisting of Shin Jisoo, Lee Sori, Son Yerim, Park Janghyun, Lee Gunyoul singing Sistar19’s “Ma Boy.”  You know, the one with the kpop nazi aka Shin Jisoo.  Right before going on stage, Jisoo looks to one of the singers and tells him that if he messes up “she doesn’t know” basically insinuating that she’ll throw him under the bus.  Of course he chokes and can’t remember the lyrics once on stage.  After three false starts, Jisoo tells the group to start the song without him and they actually do very well, especially little Son Yerim who rocked it with her rapping.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see who makes it to the next round but I hear they all make it except the one dude in the middle.

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