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Miss Universe 2011

Posted on: September 8, 2011

The Miss Universe pageant is airing in a few days so I looked up an interview with Miss Korea and my brain imploded.  Her name is Jung Sora and she’s a 19 year old from the States and is bilingual.  I also think she might have gotten some work done on her boobies but that’s not relevant nor what’s important.  What is important is how vapid her answers were.  When asked what animal she would like to be, she said an oyster because they’re like simple and stuff.  You know what animal I would be?  I would be a motherfocking liger and I don’t even have to give a reason because I’m a motherfocking liger.

What the hell did I just watch?

The best contestant that ever came out of Korea was Honey Lee and she would have made it to the top except for that horrible translator that ruined her last interview and made her look like an insane money grubbing idiot.

Seriously, what were the judges in Korea thinking picking this girl.  Intelligence is way underrated in these contests.  Yes, its still about beauty no matter what they purport, but in the age of silicon, everyone can pay to be pretty.  What makes you special is brains and charm.  Obviously, this latest version of Miss Korea might need a few more years of college.


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dang, the video is no longer available..

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