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Top Gear Korea Episode 2

Posted on: September 5, 2011

Okay, so I decided to watch an entire episode of Top Gear Korea.  I couldn’t find Episode 1 so out of necessity, I’m starting off with Episode 2.  Top Gear Korea stars three well known Korean celebrities.  I suppose they were chosen not only for their star power but for their love of cars.

First off is Kim Kap Soo, the oldest of the bunch.  He currently stars in the daily Korean drama “All My Love” but he boasts a huge body of work.  I follow him on twitter and I always wondered what his fascination was with cars but I guess it comes in handy because you know, he’s on Top Gear.

Next is Kim Jin Pyo, a professional racer but is better known as the former member of Panic.  He raps and I love this song by him.  I knew that he had slowly transitioned into racing but like other celebs turned racers i.e. Ryu Shi Won, I didn’t think he had much talent.  If anything I just hoped he wouldn’t turn into Ryu and go kill someone on the streets.

Finally is Yoon Jung Hoon who starred in East of Eden with Song Seung Hoon as well as Sad Love Song with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Sun.  He’s also the dude who married actress Han Ga In.  There’s been rampant rumors of his infidelity and impending divorce but doesn’t every celebrity couple seem to fall into that category of rumors?  If anything once the two have a child, suddenly the press will say they love each other more than cake.  Anyways he’s supposedly trying to get his door into the pro circuit.

So there we have the three hosts.  In Episode 2, the crew introduces the Benz SLS AMG calling it light and sleek with a luxurious interior.  Whatever, it looks like a phallic symbol and I’ve seen my share of phallic symbols.  Wait…that came out wrong.

Yoon Jung Hoon complains that the gull wing doors are a bitch, that there’s no automatic controls and that its a bit uncomfortable…but its the speed that counts and he seems to have a spiritual moment as he surpasses the 300km/h mark.

The Stig gets behind the wheel of the Benz and ends up completing the track with a time of 1:36:16, just a few milliseconds faster than the Porsche Cayman S.

In the next segment Kim Jin Pyo introduces the German made sixth generation Volkswagon Golf GTI.  Kim takes it out to the track and gives it a go, seeing how different it is to the previous model.  Before stepping foot on the track Kim was concerned with the car’s understerring but ended up being impressed with how the car took the turns.  However Kim was disappointed with its engine but in a race between the new model and its predecessor, the new model won.

The Stig was then commanded to take the wheel of the GTI and of course the Stig was listening to the Korean brand of elevator music.  I was hoping he’d be listening to some Kpop.  The GTI came in at 1:43:10.

The celebrity portion of the show commenced with two members of the boy band 2AM.  I suppose they were invited because Jo Kwon (the leader of the group) currently stars with Kim Kap Soo in his daily Korean sitcom.  Jo Kwon is also known for his (how do I say this politically correctly?)…lets just say I have more testosterone in my third toe than he has in his entire body.  But he can sing like an angel~

On an interesting note, Seulong drives a Genesis Coupe while Jo Kwon drives a Golf GTI in real life.  But I guess driving the same car you’re going to be racing in doesn’t help because during the practice lap around the track Jo Kwon failed miserably by running off track at the 7th turn.  In their timed lap with the GTI’s, Seulong clocked in at 2:04:56 while Jo Kwon came in last at 2:08:36.  At least he didn’t run off the track this time.

Finally, in my favorite segment of this episode, Kim Kap Soo, Yoon Jung Hoon, and The Stig drove around Seoul in their own special “taxis.”  Kim drove around in a huge Hummer H2 or as I like to call it, the Douchebag Steamroller, Yoon took the Lamborghini Mercielago, and the Stig decided to take the Porsche 911.

As awestruck passengers in the H2 took in both the fact that they were in strange taxi driven by famous celebrities, the Lamborghini opted to pick up good looking girls in short skirts and a few celebrities including Kim Tae Woo and Jang Geun Suk.

The Stig opted to pick up a giggling school girl and an old grandma who kept yelling at him to slow down and talk to her.  HAHAHA.

The taxi stunt over, the hosts regrouped at base camp and did some math.  They figured out how much the initial fare would be for each car if it were an actual taxi.  In general, most taxis in Korea are the Kia K5 and after calculating the cost of the car, gas for 100km and other math related things, the initial fare would be 2,400 Won which is about $2 Dollars.  Next was the H2 and based on their calculations, the initial fee, the fee for putting your butt on the leather, would be 84,000 Won which is about $79.  Finally the Murceilago:  approximately 30 times more expensive than the Kia K5, the initial cost of using a Murcielago Taxi would be 499,200 Won or $467 dollars.

What about The Stig and the Porsche 911?  If a Porsche 911 taxi stops and you get in only to see it being driven by the Stig, I’m pretty sure the cost of the ride would be priceless.  People wonder if the same guy who plays the Stig on the BBC show is the one in the Korean show.  I can definitely say its not.  Its a Korean dude.  I can totally see it from his mannerisms.

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