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The Bane of Bizzy B

Posted on: September 4, 2011

If you don’t know the history of Drunken Tiger, I suggest you wiki it.  Anyways, the more famous of the two, Tiger JK, still performs with Bizzy who basically took over the wheel for DJ Shine.  I can’t help but think that we as consumers got the short end of the stick here.  Bizzy is just so plain.  Plainer than vanilla….like if there was a ice cream flavor that was more generic than vanilla, Bizzy would be ordering that.

I once had a conversation about Korean hip hop with some friends and we all agreed that Bizzy ruins every song he’s on with his horrible rapping.  If he’s writing his own lyrics I’d suggest he stop because his lyrics are just as bad.  For example, here is “Run” featuring several of The Movement’s members including Bizzy.

If you listen to the song you will definitely know when Bizzy begins to rap because it gets boring RIGHT when he starts and it doesn’t get better until Yang Dong Geun comes back in.  And Yang Dong Geun basically says two sentences through the entire thing and he still rocked it better than Bizzy.

Maybe Tiger JK keeps him on the payroll as the “face” of Jungle Entertainment.  Bizzy definitely does look like Gong Yoo…like a shorter plainer version of Gong Yoo.

Maybe Bizzy was supposed to be just the hype man?  But you know what they say about hypemen: they start off just saying “take that take that” on the background of a classic rap song and by the time you know it, they think they can rap too.  You know who you are!

6 Responses to "The Bane of Bizzy B"


bitch it s your own taste don’t make it general, the world is not turning only around your bitchy person wake up BITCH!

he killed it when he featured the song “I love you” with jay park so wtf are u talking about ? you think you know better than anyone else what real rap is ? if you are that great, why don’t you release a hip hop album so we can have a big laugh ? if u don’t have any guts to do it, don’t come and talk shit about people who are obviously better than u! PEACE OUT!

The song where Bizzy featured was Wasted not I love you…they were Dynamic Duo.
Anyway I disagree with you and I don’t find his rapping boring, at all!
Instead I love it really much. I’d like to find more about him.

Whoa whoa whoaaaaa!!!!o_O I love Bizzy because of the song ‘Run’. to me, he made tht song awesome I always skip to his part.if a song features Bizzy ill download it. I love his raps he has a good rapping style as a rapper myself I can tell idk what ur talkin bout. His lyrics nd delivery are pretty good

it’s always been about personal taste, dude. everyone’s got different taste and you can’t just say who is better than who, and why bother to do so? just enjoy the music.

i think he’s great. if he really were that bad, JK wouldn’t have teamed up with him, that guy seemed to be the real deal, i don’t think he formed MFBTY with Bizzy just because he was good looking. that’s ridiculous.

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