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MBC Star Audition: Birth of A Great Star Season 2

Posted on: September 4, 2011

The next season of the show is airing next week!  And with all new judges.  I’m disappointed that they changed the judges.  Bang Shi Hyuk and Kim Tae Won MADE that show.  The other three were good but these two really stood out.  So here are the new judges:

Singer Lena Park
Singer Lee Sun Hee
Singer Lee Seung Hwan
Music Professor Yoon Sang
Composer Yoon Il Sang

I’m not familiar with Yoon Il Sang and Yoon Sang’s personalities but for the other three, I’ve never known them to be very opinionated.  It seems to be a totally different feel from the first season’s judges.

Interestingly, its going to be in competition against SuperStar K.  while Superstar K has the advantage of being more popular, Birth of a Great Star has the advantage of being on MBC.  AND, this season of Superstar K has been lackluster to say the least.

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