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Korean Fight Scenes

Posted on: September 4, 2011

Its been a while since I’ve seen an American action movie that I’ve enjoyed as much as the Korean kind.  (Of course watching a movie in Korea is approximately ten times as awesome because I get to eat butter cuttlefish.)  Some of the best fight scenes I’ve encountered have been in Korean movies.  Why?  Because of the utter lack of guns.  Gun scenes can be awesome too;  See Equilibrium, but for the most part, you just see people holding guns and running.  Hand to hand action is where its at.

In Korea, guns are hard to come by.  Shoot even the cops have to have a high rank to holster a weapon.  As necessity goes, when you don’t got guns, you go to the next best thing:  the sashimi knife.  And if you don’t have a sashimi knife, you just pick up something heavy and or pointy.  As the Korean movie industry churns out more and more movies, they need to come up with some interesting fight moves so here’s some of my favorite, not in any relevant manner.

Man from Nowhere (Ahjusshi):  I watched this on the big screen and while its one of the most realistic scenes in recent memory, I started getting dizzy when they cut to the main character’s point of view shot.  It might have also been the fact that I had drank a butt load before watching it and had snuck in a huge bottle of beer into the theater.

Old Boy:  This scene was great just because it was done in one shot.  Choi Min Sik is an awesome actor and you can tell he is wholly devoted to his role.  I heard they had to shoot this in one shot because of budget restrictions.  I’m cool with that.  Plus he’s down with the kpop.  While shooting “I Saw The Devil” where he plays a psychotic killer, he took some time to watch “Genie” by Girl’s Generation and comments that its his favorite.  LOL.

Once Upon a Time in High School:  This movie starred Hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo who played a disgruntled high school student.  He learns to defend himself against the bullies in his school and in a rooftop battle ends up beating the crap out of all the bullies with his nun-chucks.  Great scene but I really had trouble figuring out who was who because everyone looked the same.  One of those times I can definitely say that without being racist.

Friend:  Loosely based on the director’s real life, the story revolves around a group of friends in the 70’s that end up becoming mortal enemies.  The fight scene is so bad ass simply because of the odds.  Four against like 100.

Of course there are great American fight scenes but hardly memorable.  Maybe the fight scene in Bourne Identity but its hard to watch because like many action movies, the director shoots too close and the editor cuts to different angles too often.  Last time I was in a fight was over the phone and I hung up on the bastard.

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