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Korean Commercials

Posted on: September 4, 2011

In Korea, most television shows air without commercial breaks.  Instead the commercials are shown before and after the show airs.  So how do the advertisers keeps a viewer’s butt on the couch during the 15 minutes of adverts?  Put a lot of celebrities in them.  Unlike America, a celebrity hocking goods is a sign of prestige- the more “cf” contracts you have, the more popular you are.  It can also jump start an unknown actor’s career.  Remember Lee Jia and Bae Yong Jun’s cf?  Or that CF with Seo Woo dancing for some ice cream?

Recently, Korean cable shows have been interrupting their programming with commercials, just like the Americans and I can’t stress how awful this is.  Soon, these hour long shows will be 35 minutes long with 25 minutes of commercials.  One of the worst offenders of this has to be the Oprah show back when she was on national television.  By the last half of each show, there would be three minutes of content before cutting to two minutes of commercials and back and forth until I’d quit watching and turn the channel to something worth my time.

There is a lot of things that Oprah is good for but this is not one of those my friend.

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