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Superstar K3- Episode 3 & 4

Posted on: September 2, 2011

Man the new season of Superstar K sucks.  Its been too much of a struggle having to watch the show so I just fast forwarded 90% of it.

There was Chris Golightly who ended up passing through to the next round although Lena Park and the other judges were concerned about his lack of Korean skills.  So basically Chris was supposedly blackmailed by some shady associate who stated that he had already signed a contract.  He was subsequently kicked off American Idol and ended up in Korea producing music for kpop singers ZEA, Jewelry, and Dong Bang Shin Gi.

He sang in Korean but I seriously had trouble understanding what he was saying.  I’ve already said my peace about the whole language and singing thing so I won’t go into details.  All I can say is that while he’s good, I’m not a fan.

Another contestant, or contestants that I actually liked were these two from the New York auditions.  They had met two months before and began singing together.  The girl’s voice is unique but I really like the guy’s voice.  He’s not the greatest singer I’ve heard but he just has that calming quality in his singing, like Alex from Clazziquai.  Alex definitely isn’t the best Korean singer by far but there’s a certain charm and comfort in his voice.

And my favorite audition of episode 3 and 4 was this guy.  As Yoon Mirae says, he’s got an old soul and even though he’s awkward, when he sings his confidence shines.  I hope he makes it far although he seems so shy that it might be his downfall during super week.

So that was about it.  Out of all the contestants they featured, these were the only interesting ones which concerns me.  Hopefully, the Super Week episodes will be better.

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