Generic Korean

The Power Suit

Posted on: August 30, 2011

The kpop scene is riddled with boybands all touting to fill a specific niche in the market.  You’ve got the beastly ones, the funny ones, the talented one, the cute one, the young ones, etc, etc, etc.  What makes me cringe is when they don suits.  I know its supposed to invoke a sense of maturity and masculinity but I swear they all just look like they belong in a male strip show; especially since in Korea, they equate crotch pumping and self molestation as a sign of maturity.

For example, I was watching 2pm’s “I’m your man” and all I could think was how if this whole fame thing didn’t work out, they’d have a shot at the main stage at Chippendale.

Unless you’re singing a ballad, I don’t really see the point in wearing a business suit for a dance video.  You’re supposed to be a businessman during the day and sexy kpop star at night?  At least Super Junior did it right in “Sorry Sorry.”  I only got slight male stripper vibes from that video.

And to be clear, male strippers are never sexy.  funny, but definitely not sexy:  See young Channing Tatum as a young male stripper wearing gray sock.






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