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Posted on: August 26, 2011

Marina Franklin, a comedian, was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson yesterday and she did a joke about dating a younger man and because she was black, she joked that she wasn’t a cougar, she was a black panther.

Dude, I have made the same comment but instead of black panther, I said I wasn’t a cougar, I was a puma.  Eh, its not as funny.  Now I see why I would have never made it as a stand up comedian.

Speaking of comedians, I don’t understand Korean humor.  I tried watching Gag Concert and its boring.  I don’t understand why everyone is laughing because it just seems so trite.  Its definitely a cultural thing.  Koreans don’t understand sarcastic humor.  I tried to say something sarcastic to a Korean oppa and I thought I was going to get a punch to the throat.  He was so offended.  I tried to tell him it was a joke but his exact words were “why would you joke like that?!”  I dunno, because it’s funny?

Man I wonder what would happen if there was a Korean version of Louis CK.  The closest thing would be Wang Biho who gets so much hate mail even though everything he says is for jokes.  Louis CK would be murdered in his sleep via fan death.

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