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Another American Idol Contestant on Superstar K

Posted on: August 26, 2011

John Park went and told one of the other 2010 American Idol contestants to go to Korea and become a singer.  Chris Golightly was a part of the top 24 of American Idol before he was unceremonious disqualified for not telling the show that he had previously had a contract.  Dumb move.  It looks like Chris and John are friends and as John became a semi famous singer in Korea, I guess Chris thought he’d try his luck in the Korean market too.

We have to wait another week to see him audition as he was the cliffhanger contestant for episode 3 but I’m going to go ahead and say he doesn’t make it.   I actually remember this kid from John Park’s season of American Idol.  I didn’t know that he was disqualified and replaced with another contestant because white people all look alike to me.  Just Kidding.  I actually didn’t know he was replaced because while his life story was memorable, his audition was a snore.

On another note, Sung Si Kyung totally turns me on in that nerdy hot way.  He’s so intelligent but not in that douchey “I’m smarter than you” way.  Get it SSK.

Episode 3 didn’t have many memorable contestants but I guess I’ll get to writing about it when I get to it.  On another note, at the end of Episode 3 I saw these guys and I swear I’ve seen them somewhere.  Oh man now I’m itching to see the next episode.

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