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Yellow Boyz?

Posted on: August 25, 2011

In episode 1 of Superstar K3, a Korean American rap group called the Yellow Boyz was featured on the show.  The group consists of three KoAms from Hotlanta that apparently had no idea who any of the judges were.  They then freestyled about giving the judges purple nurples.  Once in front of the judges, they basically acted like they were too good to be on the show and proceeded to rap to a song called “Oh Nuna You” which was a remix version of Biz Markee’s “Just a Friend.”  After their audition both PSY and Jung Yup gave them the okay which baffled head judge Lee Seung Chul.  Lee told them to learn some Korean and show some respect before the next round.

After this group’s appearance, the boards were flooded.  Netizens were livid and proceeded to call the group every name in the book.  Scumbag Netizens:  Says you’re disrespectful, proceeds to disrespect you with slurs.  Netizens investigated the “boyz” and found a video of the three acting a fool in Korea and at one point there was a scene where one of them decided to lay on top of the counter at Lotteria (a fast food chain) pissing off the female employee.  The Boy then jumped over counter and began messing around with the equipment.  The employees were pretty professional and showed a lot of restraint.  Good thing I wasn’t working there or I’d have poured soda over his head and justifiably kick him in the balls.  Of course, Netizens aren’t about restraint and they let the Boyz have it.

After the show aired, the three uploaded a video apologizing for their behavior.  Instead of wearing and acting like a stereotypical Atlanta rap star wannabe that they usually front in their videos, the three looked like the church boyz.  Aw lawd.

Am I the only one who sees the insane amount of pandering these guys are doing?  Can’t they let their music do the work for them?  I don’t understand why rappers these days feel the need to pander and attention whore so much.  I listened to some of their work and I’ve got to say they’re not horrible.  That being said, only one actually has innate talent.  The other two are just tagging along as hype men.  But hey, Flava Flav made a career out of it.

I love Atlanta rappers because they’re so fun to listen to but definitely not much in terms of storytelling.  But then, it is really hard to dance to Talib Kweli or Immortal Technique.  I once met Talib Kweli and he was so nondescript I thought I had the wrong person.  Its such a contradiction to the typical money and ho’s swagger that permeates the mainstream rap scene.

But I digress.  Getting back to the Yellow Boyz, I’m pretty sure they didn’t get very far into the competition seeing how they are already back in the States.

2 Responses to "Yellow Boyz?"

dude please watch immortal song!! it’s so much better than these other talent shows… there’s really amazing perfromances on that show… k. check out ali etc etc! seriously why do you know not mention that show anywhere/????

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