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Superstar K3 Episode 2

Posted on: August 24, 2011

So a new season of the audition program Superstar K has arrived.  Its on its second episode and I’m going to have to comment on some of these auditioners.

First in line was Im Boram, formerly of the group Uptown.  Not Uptown when Tasha (Yoon Mirae) was in the group aka when they were relevant.  Boram was the singer for the group in its more recent incarnation only to fall into legal troubles with her company.  She left the group and has had trouble finding anyone to re-sign her.  Anyways, she sang her heart out and got through to the next stage of the competition.  She immediately broke down and cried thanking everyone for the second chance.  Makes you wonder what really happened when she was in Uptown.  Whatever, she’s better off.  The current lineup includes people like Snacky Chan who I’ve seen perform and met personally.  She’s better off is all I got to say about that.

Next memorable guy was Jo Chul Hee aka Jay Park’s best friend.  The kid joined Jay’s dance crew when Jo was in Seattle.  Jo then came to Seoul University to attend college and has had dreams of following Jay into the entertainment field.

He sang for the judges and man it was bad.  Both Lee Seung Chul and Jung Yup gave him the boot but he ended up with a t-shirt ticket to the next round.  Huh?  Rewinding the tape, you see that PSY decides to hold off on his decision until he sees Jo dance.  They cut to kid dancing and suddenly PSY and Jung Yup decide to pass him through to the next round.  W.T.F.  I thought this was a singing competition.  PSY later comments that the kid has a star quality about him.  Yeah, but can he sing?!  It grinds my gears so much.   Can’t they find a singer who can sing and have star quality!?

Black Queens are an all girl dance troop (again with the dancing!) who audition to Rania’s “Dr. FeelGood.”  I’ve seen these girls dancing on youtube and I was surprised to see them on this show.  Like when did they start singing?  Anyways, they were way better than some of the more lackluster singers so I totally gave them a pass.  I was a bit confused when in their intro interview they commented on how audience members at their local dance shows made inappropriate comments about them, their outfits, etc.  As a woman I feel that women have the right to wear whatever they want.  But if your dancing to dr. feelgood and talking about having a dude making you feel good as you thrust your pelvis at a bunch of guys, I was suspect those guys will respond in that exact way.  Its not appropriate but it’s not surprising.

Next was Lee Sung Min who came carrying several instruments.  I thought this guy was going to be a total joke considering it took him an hour to get set up but once everything was in place, the dude totally rocked it and even better he brought his own loop station and basically had his own recording session.  Now this is a dude I could see making it far into the competition.  He loves music and not only that he can actually sing.  plus for 27, he’s looking pretty darn good.

In the second half of the show we got to see judges in Incheon and Kwangwondo province.  Judges Yoon Jong Sik, Seo In Young and Insooni listened to several hundred “singers” attempt to get a ticket to the next round.  One of the first to come through was this metro man, Min Hoon Ki.  While it looked like he had spent more time dressing up for the show than practicing, the judges gave him a pass.  No surprise that Seo In Young gave him a pass since she was basically eye-fucking him the entire time.  W.T.F.  Seriously the dude was so bad.  Ugh, I forsee many WTF moments throughout this competition.

Why in God’s name would you sing an English song if you can’t speak the language.   Jo Eun Hye, this sweet looking girl decided to sing Karina’s “Slow Motion” but her pronunciation was horrible.  This is my theory.  If you are a good singer, you should have a good ear and be able to hear changes in tone, pitch, etc.  That’s why many talented Korean singers can sing American songs with only the slightest of accents.  They can hear the intonations, etc and adapt to it.  Yes, their tongues aren’t going to get every L and R but its understandable.

When someone like this girl comes up to sing and I can’t understand if she’s singing in Hebrew or English or Korean, I see that as a lack of musical ability.  Same thing if some white kid auditioned for the show and sang “Gee” only I have no idea what he’s saying, then even if his voice is nice, I can’t justify having him get through to the next round because dude can’t sing.  He can make pretty noises.

Anyways, she passed.

Next was my favorite audition of the entire show only for the cringe factor it induced in me.  It was a “boyband” called Top Star/Shot (not really sure).  The group consisted of third grade choreography and two singers.  The rest of the members were basically back up dancers.  The judges had trouble even determining what song they were singing because it sucked so bad.  Eventually the judges give the group a choice:  the judges give two members a pass but asks the leader whether they all fall as a group or whether the two should continue solo to the next round.  The leader, who wasn’t picked, says they fall as a group and the two real singers were jipped.

In a news article that came out a few days after airing, the leader went on a tirade on his minihompi.  He accused the producers of editing out several facts making him look like a douche bag.  Supposedly, the leader had also passed to the next round but the show edited it out to make him look like he was a bitter loser who didn’t want the two members to get to the next round.

Who knows whether that’s true.  What I do know is that the group sucked balls.

The next story was a total tear jerker.  Bang Hee Rak is a high school student whose parents are both deaf.  Not only that, her name is totally hard to say.  The family lives off social welfare and had no money for singing lessons.  She resented her parents because of it but now she wishes that her parents could hear her sing even once.

The girl passed (better than some of the people who had gotten through to the next round) but as Yoon Jong Sik said if she doesn’t work on her presence she’s not going to make it far into the competition.  What got me crying onion tears was when her mom realized her daughter passed and hugged the life out of her.  The fact that her mom couldn’t express how proud and happy she was of her daughter really tug at my heart.  What parent doesn’t want to scream out loud to the world that their child achieved something great?

Finally, they got to the “I have a famous relative” singers come up to audition.  First up was the cousin of Lee Minho from Shinee.  I don’t see the resemblance.

Next was the sister of Chanmi from 5Dolls.  I see the resemblance.  They look like sisters.  Oh yeah they are.

Finally was the brother of T-ara member Jiyeon.  Wow, they could be twins.  Those eyes.  Anyways, he says that she’s changed since she became famous.  Before, he’d be the one yelling at her but now she’s the one that scolds her brother.  That’s cute I guess.

Looks like the next episode is the “international” segment where we will get to see white people singing Korean songs, Korean American singers singing with guitars and a lot of random shots of the american sky line.

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