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Korea’s Got Talent

Posted on: August 24, 2011

So the votes came in and the popper Joo Min Jung won the entire competition beating out favorite Choi Sung Bong.  So I was reading some comments and it seems that people thought that her routine was copied from Aidan Davis from Britain’s Got Talent.

I see where the similarities are but really, people are getting riled about this?  It seems that the producers Britain’s Got Talent created the digital illusion for Aiden.  The “Got Talent” franchise, once bought, is filled with probably several formats which are identically reproduced for each country.  Maybe this idea was a part of the many ideas that came with the franchise.

Hopefully that’s what it is because I doubt Min Jung was stupid enough to copy when the same issue involving Monster MG copying Poerotic’s choreography and Min Jung’s outfit became such an issue for the show.

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