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Posted on: August 24, 2011

Looks like a new crop of singers debuted this past week.  Good because the show was getting a bit tiredsome.  With some new blood I hope I’ll start enjoying it again.  Here’s the new line up:

Bobby Kim sang “Love…him.”  I love this song but Bobby seemed to have had some panic attack and came out of the gates off pitch.  Its so strange knowing that this dude was a rapper and taught Eun Ji Won how to rap.  I want to see him performing some old school rap just to compare it to his singing.


Jang Hye Jin singing “Beautiful Days.”  I feel like she never gets any love but I can see why.  She really doesn’t have much stage presence and her voice, while pretty doesn’t do much for me.

Kim Jo Han singing “Soulmates” by Solid aka his old boy band.  Ah old school Kpop.  Its nice that he had two backup rappers for the song but it’s just not the same as I remember.

Yoon Min Soo from the duo Vibe singing a mix of “That Man…That Woman” and “Alcohol.”  He’s the youngest of the group, if you can believe it.  He’s changed his hair so much over the years I’m surprised he isn’t bald.  I love his songs and this is going to sound mean but I just can’t watch him sing.  He looks like he’s about to throw up 85% of the time and the other 15% he looks like he anger issues.

Jo Kwon Woo singing “Having Loved.”  I wish I could say I liked him but his voice makes me want to scratch out my eyes.  I appreciate the fact that he can go so high but for some illogical reason I just can’t get myself to finish watching him sing anything.

Jaurim singing “Magic Carpet.”  Kim Yoona is 37 and rocks it better than a girl in her twenties.  I’ve never been a fan of her voice but I love that she’s so bad ass at everything she does.

And finally the queen Insooni singing “Father.”  I’ll admit I got a bit teary eyed by her performance.  It was amazing and my god how can she be so beautiful?  A few weeks ago, she was in the States for a concert and stopped by the state of Delaware to reunite with a soldier who had befriended her decades ago.  I was watching the news clip online of their reunion and it was so strange seeing her so truly vulnerable when I’ve only seen her as this strong Korean woman.  Anyways, there was a lot of crying during her performance by everyone in the audience.

So here were the results:

1.  Insooni
2.  Yoon Minsoo
3.  Kim Jo Han
4.  Jo Kwon Woo
5.  Bobby Kim
6.  Jang Hye Jin
7.  Jaurim

I dunno, Bobby Kim was pretty bad.  I’m surprised that he wasn’t in the bottom two.

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