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Everything Comes Back to City Hunter

Posted on: July 5, 2011

I watched National Geographic’s show “Seconds from Disaster” about the Sampoong Department store collapse.  Basically in 1995 one of Korea’s most famous department stores collapsed and trapped 1500 people in its rubble.  All within 20 seconds.  Remember the twin towers?  Yeah that’s how fast the building crumbled.  Several hundred died and several hundred more injured.

Oh get this, days before the collapse the inspectors gave the building a clean bill of health!  AND on the day of the collapse, the building manager noticed something was very wrong and asked the owners to close the store and the owners refused.  After all was said and done, the CEO, the owner, and 21 others including 12 city officials were arrested and convicted.  Investigators found widespread corruption and fraud.  The owners of the building had pushed for and approved unsafe construction of the building, changed construction companies to get their building built without following the rules and did tons of other shady things.

The government conducted widespread inspections into all the buildings in Seoul and found 98% of the buildings had something wrong with it and only 1 in every 50 buildings were deemed safe.

So…Much…Corruption and Greed.  While buildings are safer today I would bet my life that the same type of corrupt politicians and businessmen run that country.  Oh City Hunter, if only you were real.


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