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We Got Married Gyopo Couple

Posted on: July 3, 2011

I’m going to call them the gyopo couple.  I guess I could call them the korean diaspora couple but that didn’t have the same ring to it.  In the latest episode, David and Risae met in Hong Dae for their second date.  David was sitting on a park bench when Risae walked up dressed like “a main character from a manhwa.”  Or that’s what David says.  He looks up to see Risae and exclaims “wow!” while the viewers in the studio ooh and ahh.  Really?  That outfit?  But I shouldn’t be surprised.  Most guys LOVE girls in sun dresses.  Actually any type of dress gets them hot and bothered for some reason.

Their mission is to complete a set of dating rituals like holding hands and walking down the street, wearing couple tshirts, and riding bicycles.  The two decide to go to a fortune teller first (is this a normal dating course in korea because I’d be freaked out if my boyfriend wanted to go to a fortune teller to determine the status of our relationship).

The fortune teller tells David that he’s very stubborn while Risae is extremely greedy.  Risae supposedly wants someone who leads her and is confident in everything he does (who doesnt?!).  She also has a lot of doubt in relationships.  The fortune teller tells David he has hidden charisma and likes it when girls follow him.

When David asks the fortune teller how Risae fells about him and the teller says Risae likes him a lot but is emotionally sensitive and gets sad and happy easily so David has to talk to her a lot to get her to express her feelings.  When Risae asks about David, the teller says that David would potentially give everything to her, even marry.

All this from a lady in a shop the size of my closet reading cards.

After their reading the two get some ice cream only for it to melt in the hot sun.  They throw it out and go to a phone accessory store.  On the way David misses the chance to pull Risae in to his arms when she ends up getting in the way of a moving car.  Inside the store, Risae looks at a bunch of phone covers and decides to choose the cheapest one but David insists she pick the one she likes the best and then pays for it.

The two end up at another restaurant to eat some dukboki and soondae.  David says that initially, he didn’t know that soondae was blood sausage cased in pig intestines.  Risae didn’t know either but then realizes that its the same thing as eating gop chang (grilled pig entrails).  David has no idea what gop chang is and looks it up on his phone only he doesn’t spell it right (곱창) and instead types in gop zzang (곱짱).  Oh the troubles of a gyopo, I know them well.

While eating, David gets a phone call from his boss Bang Shi Hyuk and he orders David and Risae to come meet him at the office.  DUN DUN DUN.

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