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Jessica Gomes becomes Whitney Houston

Posted on: July 3, 2011

On the latest episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, the mission was to dance to an iconic movie.  Jessica Gomes and her partner danced to “I will always love you” from the movie “The Bodyguard.”  It was pretty awesome and no wonder, her partner has been dancing in London for the past 20 years and won gold in the Asia Dance Championships.  So I went online to find a clip of the performance and almost every link was titled with something to the effect of Jessica Gomes boobs, huge boobs, shaking boobs, etc etc.

True, girl has some big boobies.  Everyone I was watching the show with commented on how bouncy they were.  Plus the dress she was wearing wasn’t leaving much to the imagination.  But the actual performance was pretty good and no one seemed to pay attention to that.  Oh the drama of having large chesticles.

On another note, the MC is ridiculously terrible.  He can’t even bother to stand up straight most of the time and leans on the judges’ podium to keep himself awake.  So unprofessional.  The best was when Jessica’s mom was hugging her and he has no idea who it was.  Isn’t it your job to know?  Jebus.

Here’s Jessica’s twitter for fans of her “dancing”:  Here.

1 Response to "Jessica Gomes becomes Whitney Houston"

you’re so funny! bt also soo right about the MC! he once even made a comment like “oh that’s right : jessica indeed lost a lot of weight”. I was like “yea sure you had your eyes on her body the whole time, old perverted man” what a thing to say as an dance show mc!

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