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Infinity Challenge: The Great Birth Part 2

Posted on: July 3, 2011

Date 2011.07.02

I should start by saying that the entire contest spanned four episodes but most of it was random filler.  Therefore I’m only recapping the first part and the last part.  We begin this part with the comedians recording the master track for their song.  Jung Hyung Dong is still annoyed with his partner and thinks he’s too dark while Yoo Jae Suk is rapping in another studio.

On D-Day, the entire crew comes together to pow-wow and rehearse for their live performances.  Everyone’s come prepared.  G-Dragon’s got a bunch of rings on, Bada put on a sexy dress and the boys of 10cm got their hair did.  After shooting the wind, the group wonders what first place is and Yoo Jae Suk reveals its having their picture taken as the cover for the group CD.  So fancy.

On their way to the stadium Yoo Jae Suk does some bus interviews.  Apparently the ladies aren’t into 10cm because the girls don’t like their songs.  Sweet Sorrow is pissed that Jung Dong Ha eats everyone’s chicken and GD says he and Park MyungSoo haven’t talked much.  Park insists GD redo the interview and says they are bffs while Park pretend to sleep.  The other guys decide that this is a great time to mess with Park and start hitting him and shoving candy in his mouth.

The concert begins and our MC Yoo Jae Suk introduces the first performers of the night, Paris Pig (Jung Hyung Don and Jung Jae Hyung) performing “Pure hay” decked out in matador outfits and backed up by an orchestra.  After their performance Yoo Jae Suk asks Jung Hyung Don how Jung felt about his performance and Jung is so nervous he forgets to talk into the mic.  While the two describe the song the crew and orchestra ignore them and go about their business making Jung Hyung Don turn around and jokingly asking them to sit still.  Yoo says that they’re short on time and kicks them off stage only to realize the staff isn’t done setting up for the next stage and Yoo calls the two back on stage promising its not because he needs to waste time.  Hahaha.

Next up was supposed to be GD and Park Myung Soo but they switched places with Gil and Bada (Team BadaGil) who sings “The song only I can sing.”  Bada comes on stage with a flowy yellow dress while Gil accompanies her on the piano.  At the last moment, Gil actually sings with Bada making the audience scream in glee.

Third is Team GG (Park Myung Soo and GD).  While the two wait to be announced, GD primps Park Myung Soo to the envy of Jung Dong Ha who says Park hit the lottery with his singer.  But what about his singers and everyone else?!  he’s so slow sometimes.  The two appear on stage and sing “I had an affair” with wind dancers and appropriate dance moves.  Midway through the song Park Bom appears and sings the chorus.  Backstage the group cries foul at the guest and tries to get the two eliminated.  LOL.  I don’t know about you but Park Bom has no stage charisma.  Its like watching a deer in headlights.

Fourth up is Haha and 10m aka Haha’s Cm singing “Want to go out or want to die?”  The group is decked out in black suits and slicked back hair and puts on an old school rock and roll performance.  This was my favorite performance by far.  It was just fun, funny and still entertaining without being ridiculous.  After their performance Haha starts walking off and quietly whispers into the mic “encore encore” and when the audience complies Haha pretends that they’re going to wing it and play a freestyle.  Of course its not and its their second song of the evening called “Rice Cakes” done in the reggae style.

Next up is Sweet Twang Sorrow (Jung Dong Ha and Sweet Sorrow) singing “Like Jung Joon Ha” to the sweet harmony that these guys are known for.  The group goes for a motown thing and dances while singing into their microphones.  Sweet Sorrow are so cute and the entire motown shtick is adorable.

Next to Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk (Stray Snails) singing “Apkujung Player.”  LOL.  The entire thing is a homage to the 70’s with multicolored suits, afros and bowl hair cuts.  Its amazing how high Lee Juk can sing and more important, Yoo Jae Suk has got some rhythm.  I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing the Dougie anytime soon but he can definitely bust a groove.  After their performance Jung Dong Ha as MC asks the team who their main competition is and they choose “GG”.  When asked who sucks Yoo Jae Suk points to Jung and says “you.”  So true.

The final performance of the night is by Psy and Noh Hyung Chul (Team Cchul Ssa) singing “Shake It!”  The two are accompanied by an entire dance team decked out in red and silver sparkles.  This team definitely had the best stage performance of the entire group.  Psy and Noh were really getting into it, singing, dancing and shaking like mad men.  Great song to end the concert.

After the concert, the group gets down to business.  Who will grace the cover of Infinity Challenge’s yearly music CD.  Yoo Jae Suk opens the envelop and announces that Team Stray Snails are the winner and the crew presents them with a trophy, only after celebrating another trophy appears as co-winners.  Yoo announces Team GG as the next winners and the two grab each other in celebratory pride.  Only what is this?  Another trophy?  And another?  In the end the crew trolls the group and gives everyone a trophy except Team Paris Pig who had spent the past four episodes bickering with each other and being pushed around by everyone.

As everyone wraps up the PDs give Team Paris Pig their trophy and the two begin to make their winning speech only to be blocked by the camera with all the members walking past them.  When the members all leave the two try to say their speech again only for the camera crew to walk in front of them, totally ignoring the two.  Haha.

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