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I am a Singer Episode 17

Posted on: July 3, 2011

Or I think it’s episode 17.

YB rocked it.  Poor Kim Bum Soo having to sing after that great performance.  Scott, the white guy in the band actually broke his string during the first few seconds of the song and he wanted to stop and restart but kept going.  Apparently he’s been texting Yoon Do Hyun since then telling him he felt terrible about it.  Awww.  Go on Scott’s twitter and tell him he did a-okay.   In the words of Yoon Do Hyun “Scott we win!”

This week’s ranking:

1.  YB
2.  Jo Kwon Woo
3.  Park Jung Hyun
4.  Jang Hye Jin
5.  Kim Bum Soo
6.  Ok Ju Hyun
7.  BMK

After the scores from the two live performances were calculated, there was only a 6% difference between first and last place.  There was only 3 votes that separated the 6th and 7th place singers.  And the eliminated singer was BMK.  Proper choice in my opinion.  She tends to over emote and scream rather than sing.  Yes she has a great voice but I don’t think she makes the best of it.  Oh well at least she has one less thing on her plate and can go get her marriage on.  And someone please tell her that hair style looks ridiculous on her.  She looks like a hipster wannabe.

1 Response to "I am a Singer Episode 17"

I like BMK’s hairstyle XD
Anyway, YB rock and Park Jung Hyung was amazing too….and, this was ep 17 ^^

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