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Frozen Flower

Posted on: July 3, 2011

In 2008 there was a movie called Frozen Flower starring Jo In Sung, Joo Jin Moo, and Song JiHyo.  It was interesting for its story line involving a king (Joo Jin Moo) who was in love with one of his bodyguards (Jo In Sung).  He needed an heir but couldn’t get it up to make a baby with his queen (Song Ji Hyo) so he sent his lover to fertilize her.  The bodyguard who had been the king’s most devout and loyal follower falls in love with the queen and ends up cheating on the King.

The king finds out and is hurt by the betrayal but tries to get the bodyguard to come back to him.  However in the end the bodyguard is caught having sex with the queen in the palace library by the king himself.  The king is heartbroken and in a rage orders his men to castrate and imprison the bodyguard.  The bodyguard is later freed by his friends but ends up going back to the palace to try and save his queen/get revenge.  In the fight that ensues, the king orders the elite guard to stand back while he fights his lover alone and in the end both the bodyguard and the king die by each other’s sword.

So thats the gist of the entire story.  This movie got more press than most movies because it was reported that there was going to be a sex scene between the two male actors, who were both A list stars.  In the end it wasn’t the gay love scenes but the heterosexual sex scenes that were shocking.  I really didn’t see the need to have such explicit sex scenes.  It didn’t really add anything to the movie and in the end distracted from the actual story line.  The entire time I was watching I thought to myself “wow, Jo In Sung is really going at it like a rabbit!” and “dayum 69.”

What else was surprising?  Noh Min Woo (the gumiho hunter) and Song Joonki (1 of the josen f4) were in the movie.  What?

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