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Posted on: July 3, 2011

This is an editorial.  Actually most of my posts are editorials but this is one of those rants that needs its own page.

As I was updating my blog I made the mistake of looking up videos from R16 and instead of updating I fell into the hypnotic state of watching video after video on youtube.  I love that people uploaded fancams of Jay Park performing at the show but why must they all be so close to his face.  Yes I understand that he’s a nice looking fellow but I’ve gone through dozens of videos and I saw his entire body maybe 2 percent of the time.

A few years ago when everyone’s camera suck.  You couldn’t zoom in within 5 feet of anything without the picture turning into a blurfest.  Good fancams were hard to come by and since everyone was so used to seeing panned out videos we all drooled at the sight of a good close up.  When cameras started getting better, people started to overuse the zoom feature and today we have a clusterf*ck of videos showing performer’s faces from every angle known to science.

Fans across the universe, lend me your ears.  Please for the love of god zoom out.  The best part of watching Jay perform is the dancing and the reactions I get to see from the crowd.

Oh who am I kidding.  I’d be pissed if there was an awesome ab shot and no one was zoomed in.

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