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Not really.  You know how when you go to sing karaoke, the video has nothing to do with the actual song you’re singing?  Well my friend decided to sing “When the door closes” by Yoon Doo Joon and lo and behold it was Gong Hyo Jin staring back at me from the tv.

After the Korean War many international organizations developed a systematic adoption process for Korean children.  As a result over 150,000 children have been adopted mostly by American families.  Several years ago, a television show was dedicated to reuniting these adoptees with their lost parents.  The show is still on and every time I see it I have to change the channel.  The adoptees always seem to have this sadness in their eyes and the speak from a generic script aka “I don’t hate you”, “I lived a good life” etc etc.

That title could be some sort of weird porn title.  But this isn’t, so for you weirdo googlers return from where you come from stranger danger!

Sonya Thomas aka the black widow won Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest for Women.  I actually saw her back when both women and men competed together and she’s pretty damn amazing.  Not as amazing as Kobayashi who won the year I went but still pretty awesome.  If only I could eat 40 hot dogs and look that skinny.  I ate half a hot dog and a bite of the carne bake at Costco and that filled me.  How the hale do you eat 40?


I watched National Geographic’s show “Seconds from Disaster” about the Sampoong Department store collapse.  Basically in 1995 one of Korea’s most famous department stores collapsed and trapped 1500 people in its rubble.  All within 20 seconds.  Remember the twin towers?  Yeah that’s how fast the building crumbled.  Several hundred died and several hundred more injured.

Oh get this, days before the collapse the inspectors gave the building a clean bill of health!  AND on the day of the collapse, the building manager noticed something was very wrong and asked the owners to close the store and the owners refused.  After all was said and done, the CEO, the owner, and 21 others including 12 city officials were arrested and convicted.  Investigators found widespread corruption and fraud.  The owners of the building had pushed for and approved unsafe construction of the building, changed construction companies to get their building built without following the rules and did tons of other shady things.

The government conducted widespread inspections into all the buildings in Seoul and found 98% of the buildings had something wrong with it and only 1 in every 50 buildings were deemed safe.

So…Much…Corruption and Greed.  While buildings are safer today I would bet my life that the same type of corrupt politicians and businessmen run that country.  Oh City Hunter, if only you were real.


Went to check the news and looks like a South Korean corporal went cray cray and decided to go on a kill spree resulting in 4 deaths.  Not the first time we’ve heard of military personnel breaking rank and shooting up the place.

One of the more infamous killing sprees was committed by Won Bum Kon, a 27 year old police officer who murdered 57 and injured 35 more.  Supposedly one of the largest known incident of spree killing in modern history.  For a while I thought it was Martin Bryant from New Zealand.  Everything I know about killing sprees I know from wiki and the way Bryant’s killing was described is so eerie.  And the crazy thing was how accurate his shots were.  Scary people are scary.

Oh that title is misleading.  I meant why do Korean men love singing Brian Mcknight songs?   I like some of his songs but for some reason every male Korean singer uses Brian as a marker for their own singing.  Why not Maxwell or Keith Sweat?  Oh man how hilarious would it be watching Kim Bum Soo singing “Nobody?”  Okay never mind, I think I might have found my answer.

So many Korean artists have sung “One Last Cry” and surprising considering there’s an “L” in the song.  No one want to hear One Rast Cry.  Anyways, the best Korean cover I’ve seen has to go to Naul.

Interestingly, I can’t say I’ve found a go to artist that female singers pull out when they want to show off their musical chops.  The closest thing would be Beyonce but I doubt anyone would put her and Brian Mcknight in the same vocal category.  If anything I think Mariah would be a better model to compare vocal abilities (although it scares me that a grown woman has a butterfly fetish).  This guy knows what I’m talking about:

So last time I checked, the show was supposed to start on July 2nd but now they say its going to air next week.  Instead of airing the first episode their youtube channel uploaded another promo and this one not only graces us with the voice of Hugh Jackman, we get to see Heather Graham chowing on some Korean food.