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Shayne Orok Willing to Change his Citizenship

Posted on: June 30, 2011

In the latest episode of Radio Star, Shayne told the viewers that he loved Korea and would be willing to change his citizenship to pursue music there.  I’m going to do a recap of the entire show when I have some time but I thought this needed its own post.  Good for him but really?  I mean the novelty factor has died down and he’s not always going to have the support of translators, mentors and production crews to get around.  I guess I’m skeptical because he hasn’t lived the normal korean citizen life yet.  When all this dies down and you’re just a normal dude standing in the middle of Myungdong and some random old dude punches you in the ass for standing in his way screaming racial epithets at you, then come and tell me you want to join.  Korea’s got a lot of great things but there’s a lot of bad stuff that comes with it.  I just don’t think he’s seen enough of the bad to make a educated choice on the matter.

On another note, Shayne’s looking great as does most of the other contestants…except Lee Tae Kwon.  How can the dude gain weight on such a hectic schedule?


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