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Bullet to the Head

Posted on: June 29, 2011

It was announced a few weeks ago that Sung Kang, who happens to be one of my imaginary boyfriends (aka I followed his career like a stalker) was going to star in a movie called “Bullet to the Head” alongside Sylvester Stallone.  The movie’s about a NY cop whose partner is murdered and goes down to New Orleans to investigate.  The NY cop meets up with a NO’s cop who is investigating a murder connected to the NY cop murder and shoot outs, sexy time, and etc etc occur.  Supposedly Sung might be playing the role of the NY cop.

NY Magazine (who has the best tv recaps online) just came out with an article where the actor Thomas Jane blasted the movie for firing him.  Supposedly Joel Silver the producer of the film fired Jane because in movies like these there’s a formula and the formula calls for one white guy + one ethnic guy.

Hey Mr. Jane, how does it feel being shitted on for the color of your skin?  Yeah, that’s what us “ethnic” people deal with every fucking day.  At least Jane was replaced with someone who has actual talent.  You know how shitty it feels when they turn an Asian character into a white one and then to add insult to injury the actor fucking sucks?

On another note, Jason Momoa aka Khal aka Moon of Khalasar’s Life has joined the movie as the villain.  So much hotness.  If only Stallone wasn’t in it.  By the way, this clip was in no way found by me googling “jason momoa butt naked.”  I swear.

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