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I am a Singer Episode…

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Dude, I’m totally messing up the episodes.  I thought last week’s episode was episode 19 but I don’t even think they’re up to episode 15.  Whatever it’s not like I’m keep track of the show for it’s prowess of episode numbers.

This week’s episode was another audience recommended challenge which means random songs that have nothing to do with each other.  This week was a practice week so no live performance.  Rather the six presented an initial cover of their chosen song.

Here’ s the ranking for this week’s show:

1.  Park Jung Hyun singing “Winter Rain” by Shinawe
2.  Jo Kwon Woo singing “White Butterfly” by Kim Jung Ho
3.  YB singing “Spin Spin” by Nami
4.   Jang Hye Jin singing “So Close but so far from you” by Lee Gwang Joo
5.   BMK singing “To Love” by Lee Jung Suk
6.  Lee Bum Soo singing “I love you” by Kim Hyun Chul
7.  Ok Ju Hyun singing “Love” by Jo Jang Hyuk

Interesting tidbit, Kim Bum Soo actually charted on the Billboard Charts back in the day with “Haru” the English version.  What?

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