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Buckwheat Noodles

Posted on: June 26, 2011

메밀 or buckwheat or soba noodles are delicious and the easiest thing to make for lunch.  There’s so many ways to eat it but I try to make it as fast as possible and wash as few dishes as I can in the process.

1) Boil water and add a bundle of prepackaged soba noodles.  I use the word soba and not 메밀 (maemil) because the Japanese dried noodles taste better than the Korean ones.  Buy the Japanese brands of soba.  Let the noodles boil while stirring for 6-7 minutes.  I’ve noticed that the water will foam and overflow so in order to prevent that keep a cup of water next to you while you stir so if it begins to overflow you can add some cold water to stop it.

2) After 6-7 minutes take the entire pot to the sink and drain the water.  Use cold water to wash the noodles until they’re cold to the touch and free of any starch.  Let the noodles drain.

3) While you let the noodles drain, take that same cup you used for the boiling and remove any excess water.  Take your bottle of maemil sauce and add as much as you want to the cup.  I use the Assi brand because I think its the most readily available and taste pretty good.  Add wasabi and or shaved radish and green onions.  I’m a lazy lazy person so I usually only put in some wasabi from the tube.

You can take the drained soba noodles and put them on a plate and sit down to eat but I usually just take my sauce and hover over the sink where my soba noodles are draining, I put a bunch of the noodles in my sauce and then take a huge slurp.  You have to slurp when you eat soba noodles because when you slurp, it opens up your nasal cavities which enhances the flavors of the sauce.

fastest way I’ve figured to make cold buckwheat noodles.  And washing the dishes:

1 pot
1 cup
1 strainer
1 pair of chopsticks




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