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1 Night 2 Days

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Date:  2011.06.26

This week Na PD wanted to go back to basics since its their first shoot after the actor’s specials.  The group heads out to one of Korea’s most beautiful islands and Na PD has even whittled down the staff and equipment in the spirit of the theme.  The members and staff head out to Gwonmae Island and on the boat Na PD presents a lunch Bok Bul Bok.

The camera crew, audio crew, lighting crew, production team, managers, and stylists are grouped together and paired with one of the members.  Na PD has provided a bunch of lunch boxes group into six different piles.  In each of the six groups of lunch boxes there are six different types of meals.  The best meal consists of rice, bulgogi, vienna sausages, kimchi and eggs.  The next best has everything except the bulgogi.  The third meal has rice, egg, and marinated perilla leaves.  The fourth meal starts to look a bit sad and consists of rice, marinated soy beans and marinated squid.  The fifth box holds rice and anchovies.  And if you think that’s bad the last box has rice and radish.

Each crew picks their celebrity representative and the six play a round of rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.  Um Tae Woong wins and he chooses lucky box number 5.  Lee Suguen prays that its rice and radish and what do you know, it’s rice and radish!  Um Tae Woong and the lighting crew fall to their knees in utter amazement and hunger.  Lee Suguen has better luck and ends up with the second place meal and the audio team rejoices.  Lee Seunggi is next to pick and Na PD who is on his team cheers him on.  Only Lee Seunggi ends up picking the meal with soybeans and marinated squid.  The lunch lady who had decided to join Lee Seunggi’s team must be hurting.  haha.  Eun Ji Won and the camera team ends up with rice and egg while Kim Jong Min and the managers ends up with anchovies.  The stylists who were forced to choose Kang Ho Dong were suddenly jumping up and down in glee when they realized they had won the best lunch.

During lunch Na PD comes up to Um Tae Woong and offers up one single soy bean which Taewoong shares with lighting crew’s boss.  LOL.  Its so sad but so funny.

Once on the island the crew and members take their equipment off the boat and begin a 20 minute trek to their base camp.  Lee Seunggi is truly Huhdang.  He’s so eager to help load off the equipment that he starts taking random people’s food and luggage.  Oh Seunggi.

After unloading, the six head toward the beach.  Na PD wants the six to tour the island and take their time.  He presents them with several different containers ranging from a bucket to a ladle.  Their mission is to make sure they don’t spill the all the water and if they don’t succeed they’re going to film all night long.  Na PD asks them a question and they each have to scream out the answer.  If all six answers are not the same Na PD takes away one container after another.  After several misses the six finally answer a question right and get to choose between a ladle and a teacup.  They take the teacup and for the next few minutes we get to see them walking around the scenic beaches of Gwonmae Island with teacups in their hands.

Kang Ho Dong walks around the beach and sees a black rock which he picks up and wonders what type of rock it is only he breaks in his hands and he realizes its poop.  LOL.  Hodong is really obsessed with rocks and he picks up another stone and insists it looks like a heart.  On their way to the next destination Hodong asks to play a game of chicken and the winner doesn’t have to hold his cup.  Seunggi outlasts Hodong and ends up vicotrious.

Halfway through their tour the six realize that time is running out and they’re not going be able to tour the entire island.  So the six agree to fail the mission and give up their teacups…by spilling all their water on Na PD.

Back to their base camp, they play dinner Bok Bul Bok.  Today’s meal consists of a medley of veggies, sashimi, noodles, and spicy fish stew.  The six are split into two groups- Kim Jong Min, Um Tae Woong and Eun Ji Won versus Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seunggi and Lee Suguen.  They play a game of Indian Bap/007.  The six sit in a circle and one person starts the game and points to someone saying zero.  That person then points to another person and says zero.  Then the next does the same saying “seven.”  Then the final person is picked by saying “bang!” and the two people next to the person who has been “shot” raise their hands and scream AH!  The game gets interesting because 007 or In-di-an-bap can be used.  If the game starts with Indian, the people who are sitting next to the person chosen as “bap” must cup their mouth and make the stereotypical indian warrior call.  Its really a lot easier to just watch the game.

The two teams play for every side dish until the stew is last remaining.  They play the game for one final time and Lee Seunggi loses it for his team.  So while Kang Ho Dong’s team wins almost every side dish on the table they look jealously as Eun Ji Won’s team eats their fish stew and rice.  Next week it looks like the six are keep their word and film all night long.

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