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Yogurt Soju

Posted on: June 25, 2011

When I was younger and maybe not so legal, I ventured into several bars of ill repute and drank more than I wish to remember.  Since I couldn’t actually stand the taste of alcohol I used to order flavored soju.  While there are numerous different flavors of soju ranging from lemon to watermelon, the standard flavored soju is the yogurt soju.  Its delicious and a must try for anyone who isn’t familiar with the green bottle of fire water.

Years later I watched a bartender make this concoction and it was so easy I suddenly had an urge to burst into every bar in Ktown screaming “I was ripped off!”  Man when I think of all the money I wasted trying to be “cool” it makes me want to punch myself in the face.

Yogurt Soju:

1) In a pitcher or container, pour in a whole bottle of soju.  Make sure it’s “Chamisul”.  I’ve tasted every brand of soju and Chamisul is by far the best.  And do not use “Chaimsul Fresh” because it has a lower alcohol content.  That’s just wrong.  Also make sure the soju is ice cold.  It goes down better.

2) Add two mini bottles of Korean yogurt…or yakult.  I only remember the Assi brand but I’m sure there are several different brands out there.  While I am an expert in soju I can’t say the same for milk based products as I am lactarded.

 3) Add one can of sprite or any lemon lime flavored soda pop.

Shake and enjoy.  Or if all else fails soju bomb.

1 Response to "Yogurt Soju"

Dude. This is AWESOME. Siunded weird but I love Yogupoder and I just tried Soju and I love it too.

This drink is AWESOME. Super dangerous. You can’t taste any alcohol
At all. You could drink like 8 of these and not notice how messed up you were getting.

Thank you so muh for the idea.

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