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We Got Married David Oh and Kwon Risae

Posted on: June 25, 2011

Date 2011.06.25

In this episode, the two head out to the concert which ends up being a small stage where the surprise event will take place.  David and Risae practice their song and talk to the guy who will be surprising his girlfriend and proposing.  It was actually really sweet.  The girl had no idea and thought the MC for the show was pulling her and her boyfriend on stage for some gag.  Suddenly the lights go out and a single spot light lands on the guy who is holding a bouquet of roses.  He reads her a love letter and takes out a necklace for her.  Its actually really sweet and the dude was mad nervous and his hands were shaking the entire time.

After his surprise he tells the girl and the audience that there is something else he’s prepared and the music for “Can you feel the love tonight” begins to play.  Risae walks out from stage left while most of the audience wonders “who tat?”  No even kidding, there is a short clip before the camera pans away where some guy asks another guy in the audience who the girl is and his friend shakes his head and mouths I don’t know.  After the first stanza, David Oh appears stage right and suddenly the entire place goes wild.  Yup that sounds about right.

The two end the performance and the two go out to eat.  When Risae asks what David wants to eat David turns around and tells her that they should go eat chicken feet because Risae likes the dish.  Now that’s how a guy is supposed to deal with situations like this. What do I want to eat?  I will defer to you and you are then expected to pick something that I would like.  Its the rules.

Anyways, David has never actually eaten chicken feet and can’t hide his fear but after a few bites he gets used to slimy collagen mouth feel and actually eats a boat load of the stuff.  During dinner David asks Risae how she viewed him today and she replies that she liked when he took charge and thought he was really spirited.  When Risae turns the question back on him he just replies the same exact way.

David then wonders how Risae felt when the guy proposed to his girlfriend and Risae says she was touched.  When David asks her what she would feel if he did something like that for her, she replies she would have been touched.  When Risae tells David that she’s afraid she won’t be as lively and spirited during the course of the show, David looks at her and tells her to stay the same.

A waiter comes over with a letter and David painstakingly reads it.  It tells them to decide whether they want to continue with the relationship and the two decide to go on with the show.  Interestingly, David says that he hopes things will go well with her but only gives it a 30% chance.  what?  I think he misunderstood the question.  Next week they go on another date, getting their fortunes told and having David’s new boss seemingly cock block David with some “random” phone call.

On another note Yoo Ah In eats chicken feet better than David.


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