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Ninja Warrior

Posted on: June 25, 2011

I was watching the Ninja Warrior’s Women’s marathon on G4 tv today when I suddenly noticed that Jo Hye Ryun was competing.  I did a double take and proceeded to laugh as she tried to make her way through the first obstacle course.  There hasn’t been many Koreans who have taken on this challenge.  One was a former Korean Olympian.  Now I know of two.  Him and Jo Hye Ryun.  I guess it shouldn’t be so surprising since she went to Japan a few years ago to try and conquer that market.  I tried to find a clip of her failing the challenge but alas the internet has failed me.  So instead watch her and her fellow comedians in this music video.  No context will be given.

What is Ninja Warrior?  Probably the best competition show on television.  Its a Japanese program where competitiors from all over the world try to complete four obstacles courses.  And when I say obstacle course, I mean impossible feats of strength and endurance.  I had no idea there were people in the world which so much upper body strength.  Of the thousands of contestants who have attempted these courses in the past 14 years only THREE have successfully completed them all.


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