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Korean Rice Wine

Posted on: June 25, 2011

or better known as “makgeolli” is still considered the “trendy” drink in Korea.  Its been around for centuries but before its revival the drink was considered the poor man’s alcohol and relegated to farmers and small establishments.  But then the Japanese tourists came and they drank and they bought.  Bottles of the stuff were flying off the shelf and soon Korea had to re-evaluate their own biases.

Korea rebranded the drink and now its touted as a “healthy” alternative to soju.  Even the president was going around drinking it at State parties.  In America, the Sseng Makgeolli (picture below) is probably the most popular makgeolli on the market…as it should be.  The stuff is delicious.  But there are also some really delicious brands that come in boxes.  Which I sometimes prefer since it seems to last longer.  I must do more homework.

But remember always chill, always roll.  Makgeolli is unfiltered rice wine so all the good bits settle to the bottom.  Many brands of makgeolli are carbonated and if you shake it too hard you might end up spraying it all over yourself.  To avoid getting an alcohol shower, roll the bottle on its side.  Makgeolli taste best with Korean bbq and a spicy stew like kimchi jiggae.  Mmmmm.  Or alone in your room with a pot of ramyun watching Game of Thrones. Whatever floats your boat.

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