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Jessica Gomes

Posted on: June 24, 2011

Jessica Gomes who has no drop of Korean blood in her is some what of an anomaly in the Korean entertainment world simply because she’s popular despite her not being Korean.  Her and NichKhun are basically the only two non-Korean celebrities with general public appeal.

Who is Jessica Gomez?  She’s a sport illustrated model who was hired by some Korean firm to do commercial work.  Her charms (see video above) captivated audiences and she became a household name.  She’s currently appearing on MBC’s Dancing with the Stars and this week she donned a revealing outfit showing off her stomach.  She is far from fat but it was obvious that she had somewhat of a gut, especially when she was sitting down.  Those rolls…I know them so well.  As a woman I’m so glad she wore that outfit regardless because you know what, she still looked damn good.  And she rocked it like nobody’s business.  But as a model isn’t her job to be in peak physical condition?

On another note, the judges on this show are full of crap.  Their scores are all over the place and I fell like they gave better scores to the celebrities with more vocal fans.  ew.

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