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City Hunter Episode 10

Posted on: June 23, 2011

Woah awesome episode.

So after all the killing and stuff Yoon Sung goes running after his dad while the prosecutor goes running after Yoon Sung.  Its follow the leader!  Yoon Sung gets to his dad’s place and demands to know why his dad had to go and kill everyone.  His dad is pissed off that Yoon Sung isn’t a better revenge machine and they have a stare off.  His dad is determined to get his way even at the expense of his own son.  Yoon Sung points out the obvious irony of his dad killing innocent people in order to take revenge on the people who killed innocent soldiers.  Yoon Sung tells his dad that the only person standing in his way is Yoon Sung.  If he wants to kill him then do it.  Oh snap.

Outside Yoon Sung meets the prosecutor and his smug “I got chu” face.  “I thought you didn’t know Steve Lee” prosecutor says but Yoon Sung makes up some bull shit excuse which the prosecutor doesn’t buy.  But back at the office they find out that Yoon Sung has an alibi for the incidents at issue.  The prosecutor isn’t convinced and he’s sure that Yoon Sung was able to maneuver between buildings and blah blah the prosecutor still thinks Yoon Sung is the City Hunter.

Nana finds Yoon Sung’s ripped up picture and realizes who Yoon Sung’s mom is.  Obviously Nana will now broker some sort of reunion royale for the two but tragically Yoon Sung’s mom faints and finds out from doctors that she has LEUKEMIA!  Wow I didn’t see that coming *insert sarcasm*.

Yoon Sung meets up with Nana at the coffee shop and gives her the newspaper clippings back to her which were taken by accident when he moved out.  He gives it back to her and asks what its for.  Nana tells him that the clippings are of the man who killed her parents who also ends up being villain #3 and the prosecutor’s father.  At the scene there was a man who witnesses the entire accident and had told the police that villain #3 was at fault.  However a few days later he changed his story making Nana’s father the culprit in the accident.  Nana wants to find the witness and have the City Hunter dole out some justice.  Nana describes the witness and Yoon Sung realizes its his ahjussi!

Back home Yoon Sung grills ahjusshi who tells him that he was threatened and given a bribe by villain #3 to change his story.  Ahjusshi was wrought with guilt all this time and is actually glad this finally came out.  This makes Yoon Sung even more bent on revenge and gets his brain gears turning.

Nana confesses to Yoon Sung that she likes him but Yoon Sung is still trying to push her away.  That night she gets a text from him saying he needs a ride.  She thinks he’s come to his senses and comes to pick him up all dolled out only he’s with another girl.  Nana drives them back to the hotel while Yoon Sung and his lady friend make out in the back pissing Nana off.  Nana stops pulls the girl out and puts her in a taxi.  She turns to Yoon Sung and tells him that if he wants to make her jealous and give up show off with a girl that’s at her level.  He’s obviously not drunk and all this posturing is wasting everyone’s time.  Oh snap!  You go girl.  She gives him back his picture and goes home.

When Nana goes to meet with Yoon Sung’s mom she ends up fainting again and Nana takes her to the hospital, calling Yoon Sung to come see her.  Yoon Sung wonders why in the world he has to come to the hospital and Nana replies “because she’s your mother.”  At the hospital they all find out that she has leukemia and that she refused treatment.  Yoon Sung ends up paying for the luxury hospital suite and tells her in not so nice words that she should stay put.

The doctors tell Yoon Sung that they need to get a blood sample from him in order to determine whether he’s a good donor match.  The prosecutor as well as Yoon Sung’s dad has got some tails on Yoon Sung and they both report their findings.  The prosecutor wants the DNA to prove that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter and his dad is adamant that Yoon Sung not give a blood sample or their entire plan could go up in flames.

After a random fight in the basement of the hospital, Yoon Sung goes to get his blood drawn at which time the prosecutor comes carrying a warrant for the blood.  Yoon Sung nonchalantly agrees and the nurse gives up the blood.  The prosecutor is no fool and goes immediately to the forensics building to get the blood matched.  Yoon Sung is close by following him to the building.  Nana sees Yoon Sung being followed by the prosecutor’s tail and she distracts him enough for Yoon Sung to escape.

At the forensics building Yoon Sung cleverly hides in a body bag and gets into the building.  Once there he maneuvers his way down a building like spiderman and switches his blood for another sample just in the nick of time.  Omg this was great.  I loved that the prosecutor was suspicious and smart enough to stay while they analyzed Yoon Sung’s blood.  Only our City Hunter was just a bit more clever…and also had the help of Nana who grabs him and pulls him into a room just before the prosecutor sees him.  Only Yoon Sung’s instincts spring into action and he pulls out a knife holding it to Nana’s throat.


Omg when City Hunter was trying to get his blood sample back it was so exciting.  And when he scaled that wall I totally wanted to yell PARKOUR!  You know like that part in “The Office” where the guys jump around slamming refrigerators screaming parkour.  haha.  He’s so hot.  His acting is great and while Park is fine she’s totally shadowed by the awesomeness of Lee Minho.

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