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Best Love Episode 16

Posted on: June 23, 2011

The final episode!  And it was adorable.

After Dokko reveals that Aejung is the greatest love of his life she comes home to Dokko wearing the same bow tie and comes bearing a gift.  Himself.  But then he opens his hand and gives her the flower ring which he puts on her ring finger. They hug it out and are so happy but while Aejung is elated her family and friends worry for her.  They know this is just the beginning of a long road.

The next day the Dokko & Aejung news are posted all over the internet and the comments are harsh.  They’re mostly directed at Aejung but Dokko insists that his devoted fans will be happy for him.  Only when he reads the comments some of the netizens attack Dokko as well.

Aejung’s show doesn’t fire her and instead the ratings have hit the roof.  However Dokko’s stock has fallen and all his cf’s and movies have been canceled.  I know its a drama but this stuff actually happens in Korea.  Its absolutely amazing how petty people can be.  Aejung tells Dokko that she’s sorry for Dokko’s career but Dokko is very happy that she’s become popular and asks for an autograph.  He pulls out a paper for her to sign and we see that its formal papers to register their marriage.  She’s surprised and asks why he’s moving so fast.  Dokko says that he wants to show netizens that their comments are wrong.  This isn’t a fling, he’s going to make her his wife.  Aejung signs and its now official.

The next day the news explodes of their marriage registration and people are shocked over it.  While there are one or two people who approve most people think Aejung isn’t good enough for Dokko.  Director Moon is happy for him but as his boss she’s pissed off.  This is some serious bad PR.  Even the Vitamin Water has changed models.  Jenny and Dokko’s manager read the comments and there is a rumor that Dokko’s got a “video” out there.  Dokko’s manager says that there really is a tape but it’s not what she thinks.  Its not the sexy kind?  Booo!

Aejung and Dokko go on a public date and they go to watch a movie.  And guess what movie they decide to watch?  Its Yoon Kye Sang’s new movie “Phungsan Dog” hahahaha.  Meta.  While the two sit and wait for the movie two uber-bitches talk about how the two should just stay at home and Dokko calls them out on it.  While Aejung tells him to pretend he didn’t hear it Dokko says that the girls obviously said it so that he could hear.  Aww I love white knight Dokko.  Aejung calms him down and sings “Pitter Patter” into his ear.  Its so freaking cute.

Dokko’s manager tells Director Moon that everyone is talking about a secret “video” and you can see Director Moon’s suddenly got a great idea.   Jenny goes to Aejung and asks if its true.  Did she film them “doing it?”  Aejung is shocked and denies any hanky panky but Jenny tells them there’s some interesting scenarios online about this video.  The top three scenarios seem to be one where she’s dressed as Sailor Moon punishing the bad Dokko Jin.  OMG Dying.  The second version is where Aejung is holding a whip!  BONDAGE?  The scene invovles Dokko and Aejung covered in leather and rope where Dokko begs to be hit harder and harder.  OMG I can’t even.  The top scenario includes…Aejung screams to stop.  BOO!

Aejung goes over Dokko’s house where he seems pissed off and she hugs him to “charge” thinking he’s pissed off that he’s losing all his jobs to a new face.  Only Dokko was watching “Couple Making” and was angry watching Aejung and Piljoo getting friendly on tv.  Aww he’s such a jealous little boy.

The next day Aejung is on the way to another shoot when a car cuts them off forcing the vehicle to swerve causing Aejung to hit her head and the car to go down an embankment.  Dokko gets word that she’s in the hospital and runs over to see Aejung sleeping in the hospital bed.  Later, Jenny comes to visit and sees that there are some untrue and harsh comments about Aejung’s car accident (yes Netizens are truly evil) which pisses Dokko off and this is the last straw.  He goes to file defamation charges against the netizens.

While Director Moon tries to calm Dokko insists they file charges and cameras abound as Dokko’s manager comes bearing papers for the police.  The police catch the culprits who end up being high school students, office workers, mothers, and teachers.  The netizens promise to never do it again and want to apologize to Dokko in order for him to drop the charges.  Dokko wants to know why they posted such malicious lies and Director Moon tells Dokko that they just wanted to do it.  Yup sounds about right.  Dokko isn’t convinced and he continues with the suit.

But there’s another issue.  Dokko’s “video” has been released and everyone thinks the worst.  The video goes viral which more than a million hits.  Aejung who is still at the hospital takes out her Samsung Tablet (aka the IPad knockoff) and watches the video only its not what anyone expected.  Its the video Dokko had filmed before he went into surgery.  It was supposed to be revealed in the event he died during the operation.  In the video Dokko tells everyone that he loves Aejung and hopes that people will not misunderstand.  She’s a good woman and she doesn’t deserve the curses and lies that people spout at her.  He asks everyone to treat Aejung right, as his last request.  Awwww.

Dokko’s manager and Director Moon have a meeting and Dokko’s manager can’t believe the great press Dokko’s getting from the video accident…or is it an accident.  Director Moon turns to him and tells him to watch and learn.  Definitely the PR queen.

Later Aejung is better and the four members of National Treasure meet at a wedding shop to try on their bridesmaid dress. They look so…bridesmaidy for a lack of a better word.  They reminisce and eat their clover bread hoping that they all only have good things happen in their life from now on.

Aejung later meets Piljoo who wants to make sure Aejung isn’t hurting anymore.  GAH Piljoo.  Piljoo tells Aejung that he’s leaving to study abroad and tells her that he’s not going because he’s trying to forget her.  He’s going for himself.  Before he leaves Piljoo asks Aejung to hold his pulse.  He tells her that he’s really gotten closure and he thanks Aejung for taking him on a great adventure.  While there are going to be times where he feels the hurt again he knows that it will get better.  PiljoooooooOOoooOoooooo.

Then back to Aejung on her wedding day sitting on the couch with Dokko waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Dokko shows Aejung a video of their fans congratulating them and Dokko tells Aejung that she’s no longer the hated Aejung but is receiving love from all over the world, or all over the world via green screen.  LOL at the worst CG job ever.

Cut back to Dokko filming another commercial with a new actress.  The actress wants to go out for dinner aka secret sexy time but Dokko refuses and tells Dokko’s manager to go without him.  He’s busy.  And what’s so busy that he can’t get some forbidden booty?  He’s got to go shopping for baby formula.  All the while star struck shoppers take pictures and awe at Dokko shopping like a normal person.

Aejung is at Dokko’s house which is now hers as well and she is on her way to a shooting only to see her hubby sleeping on the couch with their baby.  She strokes Dokko’s hair and kisses him.  Wow that went fast.  From wedding to baby in 3 minutes.

Dokko’s manger gets a promotion and Director Moon begins a new PR plan for Dokko to make him the new family man.  Dokko’s manager celebrates his promotion with Jenny and Aejung’s brother which ends with the two arguing as usual but this time not about Jenny.  When Jenny tries to get them to argue over her the two scream at her to stay out of their conversation.  haha.

It looks like Piljoo is back in Korea and getting matched up by his clients, so much so that Piljoo has laminated resumes for them to look over.  Hahaha.  Seri is also back in Korea and has a fan signing for Nikkon.  Product placements galore in this drama.

Seri goes hiking hoping to meet Piljoo and when she does she goes running after him only to slip and fall.  She tries to play it off like she met him by accident but Piljoo had seen her from a mile away and calls her out again.  I love that Seri doesn’t care and continues to chase after Piljoo.  The two end up climbing to the top of the mountain and they exchange looks.  Maybe Piljoo is falling for Seri.  🙂

Back home Ding Dong is playing with baby Sean and Aejung comes over with some milk which is plastered with Dokko’s face.  Aejung talks about the new rumor that the two are going to get a divorce.  LOL its so true to life.  Celebs are always on the brink of divorce, break up or in mid-cheat.  Hahahaha.  The two laugh at the situation and “charge” each other.

When the baby begins to cry Dokko runs over and picks him up while Aejung and Ding Dong look on.  They sudden turn to the camera and breaking the 4th wall Dokko tells the camera “consider it an honor for meeting this drama!” and the four wave to the camera.

Cute ending.  It went really fast but at least they tied all the loose endings.  If Cha Seung Won hadn’t overacted so much I would have liked this drama way more.  Bye Ding Dong.  You were my favorite character.

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