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Golden Fishery Star Audition Episode

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Date 2011.06.22

Golden Fishery is a two part entertainment show.  The first part stars Kang Ho Dong as the “Knee Drop Guru” who interviews guests pretending to be a shaman.  The second part of the show is called Radio Star.  Several MCs come together to grill musical guests and make jokes at their expense.  This week, the guests for Radio Star were four of the contestants from MBC’s Star Audition; The winner Baek Chung Kang, second place Lee Tae Kwon, third place Shayne Orok and fifth place David Oh.  Poor Son Jin Young.  Dude came in 4th but no one ever invites him to anything.

These four were awkward.  And it doesn’t help that two of them don’t speak Korean very well.  Basically it was the Baek Chung Kang and Lee Tae Kwon show.  David Oh and Shayne were basically back up props.  Lee Tae Kwon ended up translating for both David and Shayne at one point.  It seems that Tae Kwon is from a pretty well off family and lived in Indonesia for three years which is where he learned English.  He actually lives in the same area that one of the MC’s live in.

Baek Chung Kang won 300,000,000 won (about $280k) but most of it went to taxes and album production costs.  He also gave half of his winnings to charity and the rest of the money was given to his parents.  Lee Tae Kwon didn’t get any money but he got a nice car…which he can’t drive cuz he doesn’t have a license.  LOL.

When asked who they thought would win at the beginning of the contest, Lee Tae Kwon was sure Baek Chung Kang while Baek said he thought Lee would win.  David Oh thought either Lee or Baek would win and Shayne said that at first he thought David would win but during their live performances changed his mind and realized Baek would win.

The group was then asked who they would pick to be their mentor excluding their own.  Lee, Baek and David all picked Lee Eun Mi.  Which isn’t surprising.  While Kim Tae Won is a great guy he doesn’t seem the type to be analytical and methodical in his teaching.  I mean what the hell are you suppose to do when he says “be beautiful when you sing”?  Lee Eun Mi might have haters but you can’t dismiss her ear for music and she definitely has techniques to improve one’s singing.  Shayne ends up picking Kim Yoona since he liked her from the beginning.

Baek Chung Kang was a DJ back in his hometown of Yanbian, China.  The hosts try to get him to show some of his DJ moves and hilarity ensues.  Baek is embarrassed and shy about the entire thing and ends up failing miserably.  But that’s okay.  He’s not a DJ he’s a singer.  Puahaha.

Next week we get to see them all sing.  Woo.

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