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City Hunter Episode 9

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Well that was an easy rescue.  All our City Hunter had to do was use his other hand to save Nana from a death fall?  And I was glad that Nana was pulled from duty by her superiors for losing her gun.  I mean yeah she’s been hired to protect evil villain #2 but it doesn’t mean she is hired to protect him against all costs.  He’s wanted by the police and you’re going to help him escape?  Doesn’t that make her an accomplice?

AND FINALLY~! the prosecutor and Nana figure out that the City Hunter is Yoon Sung.  Oh yeah, theres also that kiss between Nana and her masked man, only it wasn’t has hot as it could have been.  I guess I expected too much from the virginal Nana and the physically wounded City Hunter.  Or maybe I just don’t see the physical chemistry.

I like that the stakes have just jumped up a thousand points.  City Hunter’s father had taken it upon himself to murder villain #2 but in the process ends up killing two police officers.  People will suspect that its the City Hunter and vilify him as a murdering vigilante all the while City Hunter’s going to have to come to terms with the idea of stopping his father at any costs.  Maybe even fighting him to the death?  But what about the revenge?  DUN DUN DUN.

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