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Best Love Episode 15

Posted on: June 22, 2011

The drama is almost over.  It started off okay, got pretty good and now getting boring.  Definitely not a must see but it was interesting.  In this episode Dokko recovers from his heart surgery and ends up recuperating outside of the country.  All the while Aejung is slowly moving up in the entertainment world.  The moment where she ran off live tv didn’t hurt her career but instead parodied into popularity by netizens.  They assume she had a massive case of diarrhea and laugh at her expense.

Dokko arrives back in the country to surprise Aejung.  He takes his manager’s advice and puts on a gigantic red bow and goes to her home to surprise her only to meet Ding Dong first.  I love Ding Dong.  He pokes Dokko in the arm to confirm that he’s not a ghost and after Ding Dong is satisfied that Dokko is alive, they hug it out.  Awww.  Dokko wants to retrieve the ring he gave Ding Dong for safe keeping only its disappeared.  The two think that Aejung threw it out and they go by the dump to look for it only to be chastised by two local women see them they’re going through the trash and throwing everything on the sidewalk.

On the other side Aejung is meeting with Director Moon who wants her to go abroad to continue her career and stay away from Dokko.  Director Moon lists Dokko’s new contracts, commercials and offers to both Aejung and later to Dokko.  If Dokko and Aejung reveal their love its over for Dokko.  They know the director is trying to guilt them into leaving each other and they both contemplate their next move.  Gah hasn’t this been dragging on.  Get on with it.

Piljoo goes out to shop for some herbs when he finds out that Aejung is filming a segment for a television show.  He stays and watches her do a cartwheel which is find except Aejung hurts her hand on the debris left on the street.  Piljoo who is still in love with Aejung gets a nearby woman to go and sweep up the area for her.  Gah dang it Piljoo why u so sweet?!

After filming Piljoo notices that Aejung has sprained her ankle during the cartwheel and helps her bandage it.  He then drives her home and helps her into inside…where Dokko is still waiting with that same red bow on.  Dokko sees Piljoo with Aejung and hides right in the nick of time.  Piljoo who noticed Dokko running away gently touches Aejung’s arm before leaving and purposely tries to mislead Dokko.  Dokko takes the bait and comes out acting like a spoiled brat.  Aejung doesn’t even entertain his diva moment and she just goes and hugs him to make sure his heart is okay.  The two go into her house only the entire place has been turned upside down by Dokko and Ding Dong in search of the sneakers.

Dokko wants to know what she did with the purple sneakers and she nonchalantly replies in the shoe closet.  Always the last place you’d look right?  haha.  Dokko finds the flower ring in the shoe and leaves before Aejung can figure out what’s in her hand.  He tells her that today is cancelled.  He’s going to come back tomorrow and they’ll reenact their reunion properly.

Seri is still in love with Piljoo and she even gets her assistant to take a picture of Paul and the Mushroom and photoshop Piljoo and Seri’s faces on them.  She’s so excited she’s going to go show Piljoo which the assistant replies “that’s sort of stalkerish.”  Uh…sort of?  Seri finds out that Piljoo is at Jenny’s restaurant and “coincidentally” meets him there.  Both Jenny and Piljoo aren’t very happy to see her but she doesn’t give a rats ass.  She’s determined to win Piljoo and even suggests they go to China together since she’s going to be going there for work and he’s going to study aka forget about Aejung.  Oh one sided love, y u so cruel?

Dokko and Ding Dong have a deep thoughts moment where Ding Dong is sad because his friends are teasing him for liking a girl at their school.  Ding Dong really likes her but is afraid to tell anyone because his friends will taunt him.  Dokko tells Ding Dong that he must announce it to the world that this girl is Ding Dong’s and Dokko’s going to tell the world that Aejung is his.

Aejung and Dokko meet up and Aejung says its okay if he doesn’t acknowledge her because she’s afraid.  She tells Dokko that she truthfully resented Mina and Seri for making Aejung suffer so much and she doesn’t want Dokko to end up feeling that way about Aejung.  Dokko is going to do an interview and he tells Aejung that he’s going to make his decision about their relationship on that show.

That night Aejung is filming a segment at a restaurant when the television is turned on to Dokko’s interview.  Everyone is excited about the show because its his first interview since his surgery.  During the interview they ask him to choose his ideal type between several girls.  When Aejung is pitted against Korea’s top stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, Uee, Shin Mina, Han Ye Seul, etc Dokko continually picks Aejung making everyone at the restaurant gasp.

Aejung slowly walks to the tv wondering whether he’s actually going to reveal their relationship and in the last minute he turns to the camera and says “Aejung is not only my ideal type by the person that I love…we love each other”  Aejung smiles with tears in her eyes and we cut to black.

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