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The Kimchi Chronicles

Posted on: June 21, 2011

I’ve heard about this show for ages and I guess it’s finally airing on PBS on July 2!!!!

The show follows Marja Vongerichten across Korea discovering the culture and tastes of the country.  Marja is the wife of Jean Georges Vongerichten, a renown chef who owns several restaurants.  Marja is half black half korean and began cooking Korean food in her early 20’s after meeting her birth mother.  She loves the stuff and introduced her husband to it.  I wonder if he’s going to open up a Korean restaurant now.  I’ve been to his soba inspired restaurant Matsugen as well as Mercer Kitchen and both are more trendy than delicious.  I could totally see him putting four pieces of seasoned soy beans on a plate next to a side of kimchi and charging $20 for it.  I went to Matsugen and one of the dishes consisted of a little mound of seasoned spinach, two pieces of fried shrimp and some kelp. It was good but wtf.

And look~!  Hugh Jackman’s in it too!  I love love love him.  He actually appeared on several Korean shows back when he was promoting X-Men Origins.  The guy is such a charmer and he has ties to Korea as his father worked in Korea for several years.

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