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R16 Korea 2011

Posted on: June 21, 2011

On July 2, 2011 the annual R16 bboy competition begins in Seoul, Korea.  Its being hosted by Tiger JK and I’m sure they’ll have some great performances.  $15,000 is a nice winning number although after taxes and splitting it 8 ways it’s going to be a way smaller number.

Bboys are a staple in Korea and you see them everywhere from local events to mainstream commercials.  Dancers don’t make much but if you don’t want be a starving dancer go to Korea and become a bboy or bgirl.  The best crews get endorsed by several companies and are in high demand.  Here’s a “cribs” video that StrifeTV did with T.I.P. back in 2009.  Speaking of TIP, while the group has changed several members throughout the years they’re still a pretty awesome crew but when they appeared on last week’s episode of Korea’s Got Talent they got eliminated!  Yes!  The same show that saw the judges pass through to the next round a dance crew that stole their entire routine from Poerotix.

But I digress.  Back to R16.  Last year the MC also happened to be a rapper named Dumbfoundead who shot to internet fame when a youtube clip of him in a freestyle battle circulated through the web.  He was okay as the MC but he really needs to work on his Korean.  Yes the competition is international but most of the audience was Korean.  He’s got a lot of charisma and I could see him doing more work in the motherland if his Korean was decent.

Tangent:  As an internet blogger whose last dance consisted of me getting wasted at a club and failing to get back up during T-Pain’s “Low”, I have no idea how to bboy nor do I care about technique and style.  At the end of the day I”m just a viewer and I’m watching them dance to entertain me.  A flip will always get more claps than footwork.  More claps means more fans means more work means more money.  I really don’t understand why people make such a fuss about technique.   Something may not feel right but if it looks good I say do it.  Just like sex versus porn.  Just because it feels good doesn’t mean it looks great on camera.  Somehow I feel like I’m not making a correct analogy but I’m going to stick by it because when people google “looking for porn that has a T-Pain look-a-like having sexy bboying cypher”  they’ll see this.  Yes my diabolical plan has begun.

Wait…wow I just reread what I wrote and wtf am I talking about?  Too late now.  Speaking of dancing, here’s a a gorilla dancing for your amusement.

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