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I am a Singer Episode 19

Posted on: June 20, 2011

Now that the MC Lee Sora has been eliminated, Yoon Do Hyun was prompted to be the new host and did well, except for the fact that at one point he introduced the 4th singer as the 3rd because he forgot he had performed.  LOL.  Since two singers left last week there were two new singers introduced to the program.  The first was Jo Kwon Woo.  He’s been in the industry for 17 years and he jokes that he’s like Kim Bum Soo; they’re not known for their looks.  LOL.  I guess its a throwback to their appearance on “Come To Play” where the theme was singers who hide their faces.  Puahaha.  The dude’s range is ridiculous and he sang his song in a girl’s key.

The other new singer was Jang Hye Jin.  I was first introduced to her when she did that duet with Vibe (That Man That Woman).  She’s been singing for years but she rarely does interviews or live shows.  Many people don’t have any idea who she is since she isn’t in the spotlight so I wonder how she’ll react to the attention.

This was a live audience show with singer’s choice of song and the results were as follows:

1.  BMK with “The Perriot Laughs at Us” by Kim Wan Sun
2.  Park Jung Hyun with “Babo” by Park Hyo Shin
3.  YB with Pearl Sister’s “A cup of coffee.”
4.  Ok Ju Hyun singing “Soshi” by Shin Sung Woo
5.  Jang Hye Jin with “Sad Destiny” by NaMi
6.  There was a tie for 6th place.  Kim Bum Soo singing Duex’s “Inside Summer” and Jo Kwon Woo singing “Farewell Trip” by Won Mi Yeon.

You go girl!  I guess getting married really has benefits haha.  I thought both Jang Hye Jin and Jo Kwon Woo did very well and was surprised at how low they were in the ranking.  And I’m actually surprised at how high Park Jung Hyun seems to rank.  While its obvious that she is extremely talented, her voice and mannerisms just annoy the hell out of me.  Am I the only one?  Plus every time I hear her talk or sing I am reminded of Dr. Drew and Adam’s theory that women with child pitched voices were sexually abused as a child.  So when I hear her all I can think is “omg did someone touch her in her special no no place??!!”

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