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1N2D Supporting Actors Special Part 2

Posted on: June 20, 2011

Date 2011.06.19 

Part 2 of the most amazing guest special ever.  After Puppy, Homeless and Lee Seung Gi dunk themselves in the ocean, they all take some down time to clean up and shower.  Homeless really adheres to his nickname as he walks across the camera in his boxers and i love that not a fuck was given.

Playboy is a true gentleman.  While the three unlucky members were cleaning up, Playboy was in the back cleaning their shoes.  When Hodong asks whether he’s always been so kind Chuno replies “or he thought they were throwing them out and went to gather them.”  Dude’s got great comments.  Interestingly Flower boy reveals that he actually declined going to the Cannes film festival to participate in 1n2d.  Truthfully I would have had a dilemma because while i love 1n2d, walking the red carpet at Cannes is such an honor.  Dayum, respect.  Even some of the members didn’t believe him.

While on their down time, Hodong gets Coolio to reenact the Chan Chan Chan karaoke scene from “Bangga Bangga.”  Coolio complies and its hilarious because he’s so good at playing the role of a trot teacher.  And how funny was he when he changed some of the lines and ad libed parts of the scene.  Awesome performer.

While some of the members like Taewoong are getting mic’d and dressed, Puppy looks on in jealousy because no matter what he wears he doesn’t look stylish so even hiring a coordi would be pointless.  Awwww.   But then he makes himself feel better by saying at least he looks better than Homeless.  Puahaha.

The men start unloading their supplies from the bus and half the group begins to cook while the other half pitch the tents.  Its really interesting how everyone seems to fall in their roles, some more than others.  I barely saw Eun Ji Won moving let alone cooking or helping pitch a tent but Coolio was hard at work making Kal Kook Soo (noodles) from scratch!  Holy hotness.

Nothing is hotter than a man who can cook and Coolio and Chuno KNOW how to cook.  Coolio sifted the flour, rolled the dough with makeshift rolling pins and warmed up the dough with Seunggi’s belly heat.  How funny was it when Coolio was beating the crap out of the dough?  I’ve never seen my mom elbow dough.  At one point I thought he was going to turn Ong Bak on it and use his forehead and kneecaps.

While Coolio was busy beating the crap out of his food, Chuno chopped up the onions like a pro and cooked the squid to make a broth for the noodles.  He also created some sort of spicy marinade for the soup and while it didn’t look very appetizing, the entire crew loved it and they killed the entire pot.

Ho Dong was in charge of the fire and how cute was he trying to get brownie points from his hyungs by feeding them grilled squid and baked eggs.  And at one point Ho Dong tried to feed Playboy and stuck his finger in his mouth instead.  I hate when he does that.  Its so nasty.

While the group eats, Coolio asks if they can drink.  Totally not allowed on Korean national tv but the scene really did call for something to drink; campfire at night by the beach eating spicy noodles always needs soju.

After dinner the group has some downtime and we see the cameras shooting Coolio shooting a picture of himself on a camera thats shooting him.  1n2d inception.  He also shows off his first son and how adorable is the baby with his fat cheeks and general cuteness.  Of course Chuno blurts out “what kid isn’t cute at that age?  something is wrong if they aren’t!”

Kim Jong Min gets Puppy to show off his daughter’s picture and Puppy is so sad that his daughter is looking more and more like him.  His daughter wants to be a ballerina but she’s got the same figure as her dad and he wonders if she shouldn’t do something wearing a figure hiding hanbok instead.  The girl is adorable but omg she really does look just like her dad!  haha.

Puppy also tells a story of how he was once filming in a remote area and had no access to entertainment.  He had downloaded 5 episodes of 1n2d and he watched those five episodes a thousand times.  At the end he felt like he was friends with Seunggi.  Kekeke.   Its funny how the jokesters grouped together singing and dancing while the more serious ones were talking about acting.  While Lee SuGuen played the guitar by the fire, Hodong, Coolio, and Chuno cracked jokes.  The rest of the group moved to the tents and talked about the art of acting.  Lee Seunggi played the part of rookie asking his seniors for advice.  I know he’s sincere but sometimes I watch Seunggi and question how much of his sucking up is sincere and how much is just to be a brown noser.

Puppy, Homeless and Flowerboy talk about the olden days of acting where they didn’t use digital cameras but old school film.  One roll of film could cost $300 and you didn’t want to be that one actor who did a 5 minute scene only to commit an error at the last minute ruining not only the scene but $300.  When Puppy was filming “A movie is a movie aka Rough Cut” the director told everyone that he only does one take.  If anyone wanted another take they needed to buy their own film.  It was a joke but not really.  Intense.

Jongmin asks the seniors about their impressions of Seunggi’s acting abilities.   Flowerboy says that he’s good but whats more important than being good is whether you can show that you’re working hard which Seunggi readily does.  As for Um Tae Woong, Flowerboy says that there aren’t many Korean movies made each year and the competition for the roles are fierce yet the films specifically ask for Taewoong.  Why else would they cast him if he weren’t a great actor?  Of course Playboy interrupts and says “his guarantee (retainer) must be cheap.”  Kekekeke.

When Homeless tries to add his own piece of advice he loses his train of thought because of the jokesters singing in the background.  Lee Suguen is playing JongMin’s song “Oppa have strength” on the guitar and gets Jongmin to sing but the dude sings it in a higher key.  For a singer JongMin has a horrible ear for music.  Its so bad Seunggi comes over to help and everyone asks whose song this is supposed to be.  Haha.

After the downtime Na PD asks how the boys are going to assign their sleeping places.  Na suggests a game and Playboy gets up and goes “lets go to the back and ‘talk'” ahahaha.  Dude is finally understanding the ways of variety.  The game they end up playing is very simple.  Everyone dances to music. When the music stops Na PD will call out a number and you have to huddle up with other members to form the aforementioned number of people.  Simple right except when you play it with 12 men, half who have played gangsters for most of their lives, you’re going to have a full on battle royale.

Its hilarious as Playboy really gets into the game pushing and shoving members out of the circles.  He’s determined to sleep inside the tent and he’s not messing around.  Ho Dong isn’t nice either and he’s busy punching and elbowing Suguen the entire game.  At one point the boys end up rolling on the ground, all shown in slow motion with matching music.  Suddenly we’re no longer in variety land but some romantic homoerotic soap opera.  I love it!  hahah.

By the end the winners are Playboy (of course), Flower Boy, Homeless, Seunggi, Jongmin and Jiwon.  The rest end up having to sleep under the stars.  While they get ready for bed we see a little montage where Lee Sugeun insists that Mike Tyson would beat Bruce Lee in a match.  The entire group adds their own opinions to the matter and soon it turns into a question of whether Coolio could beat HoDong in a sirrum match.  LOL tangent.  Apparently everyone took sides and Suguen, Playboy and Chuno end up betting on the wrong horse.  Tomorrow morning they’re taking the 1n2d baptism.

Once in their sleeping bags, Suguen gets a little too intimate with Puppy which is both endearing and frightful.  Puppy is too nice to scream or move and you can see how uncomfortable he is which makes Suguen smile with glee.  Around 4am Chuno wakes Coolio up because its raining.  The two go around looking for some cover and end up finding plastic which they turn into a makeshift tent all within 5 minutes.  They cook AND build?  My ovaries.

In the morning six crew members stand by the shore holding six 1n2d flags.  The first six members who can catch them wins breakfast.  Playboy and Flowerboy are first to wake and Flowerboy looks so cool suddenly bursting into full running mode trying to catch his flag only he trips and falls FLAT on his face.  Hahaha.  Playboy on the other hand ends up putting one of the members in a headlock and the guy taps out in seconds.  Like a boss.  Some of the members really want breakfast and go into the ocean chasing their meal tickets.  Homeless also puts his guy in a head lock and momentarily immerses him in water.  Its amazing how gangster these guys can get.

And poor Puppy.  He totally doesn’ t want to follow the guy into the water and tries his best to coax the guy out only the crew member knows better and in a moment of desperation Puppy lunges at him and meets with a facefull of salt water.  He’s soaked to the bone again!  In the end Suguen closes in on Puppy’s catch and seeing no out the crew member lets Puppy catch him instead.  Awww.

After the winners eat breakfast everyone goes around getting each other’s signatures on their own 1n2d flags.  Its adorable how much of a fanboy Puppy is.  In closing the four losers of the sirruem bet take off their shoes and run into the ocean.  They all say goodbye to the camera and Hodong even gives out some kisses to the ire of Playboy.  Haha.

Back home the 1n2d cast meets up with the six actors the next week.  Homeless didn’t think the scene of him talking to his kids would air but I think it was the best since it seems his kids love him even more now.  The crew meets up with Flowerboy on the set of “Romance Town” and he says he’s “stepped in shit”.  What?  He means that he’s actually been blessed by the entire thing.  His family loved that he was on the show and even one of his daughters who isn’t particularly affectionate has been partial to him.  Puppy and Chuno meet up during filming and Chuno tells Taewoong that he loves him.  Hahaha.  We then meet Playboy on the baseball field where’s he’s getting a workout in.  Dude really loves the game.   When asked whether he’d pick movies, variety for sports he answers definitely sports!  Finally Coolio is on the set of a drama and he says going to go buy a diamond watch, maybe in hong kong as a thank you to the 1n2d crew?  hahaha.  While Chuno was hilarious I think everyone was surprised at how funny Coolio was.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his stock went straight up to the stratosphere after the airing of this special.

Props to the 1n2d casting staff.  They did a great job of casting this crazy group of characters.

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