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Sebakwi with Kim Tae Won’s Mentees

Posted on: June 19, 2011

Kim Tae Won’s mentees Son Jin Young, Lee Tae Kwon and Baek Chung Kang from MBC Birth of a Great Star/Star Audition were invited to “Quiz to Change the World” aka Sebakwi.  Of all the advice their mentor Kim Tae Won has imparted on them the hosts asked them what advice stuck out the most.

Baek Chung Kang said that KTW constantly told him to never forget where he came from while KTW told Son Jin Young that there are no ends to miracles.  So poetic.  Then Lee Tae Kwon calmly replies “he told me to get a girlfriend.”  ahahaha, its funny because of all the things that KTW has said to Lee Tae Kwon the thing I remember most is KTW constantly telling Lee to start a relationship.

Oh and who knew Baek Chung Kang was so into leopard print!  He’s got over 10 pairs of leopard print underwear.  He and Kim Soo Mi need to meet ASAP.  puaha.

When asked what they envied from the other contestants, Son Jin Young said that he envied Lee Tae Kwon’s calming voice while Lee Tae Kwon envied David Oh for his appearance.  Awww that’s so sad.  Screw them.  I think Lee is adorable.  Another tragic thing about appearance:  Son Jin Young looks like a thug but he’s really soft hearted.  His appearance forced many misunderstandings.  For example when he was younger he got jumped by a group of thugs who beat him up and stole his money.  He asked a passerby to help and the man was able to shoo the thugs away only the man started beating Son Jin Young up thinking that Son was the one stealing from the group!  No wonder he cries so much!

The show was filmed the day before Baek Chung Kang left for China so he didn’t really know how popular he was in his home town during the taping of the show.  He must have been overwhelmed when he arrived in Yanbian to screaming hoards of girls.

Baek’s also going to be on Golden Fishery this week.  I’ve seen enough documentaries and shows about his life in China and his rise to stardom so I hope they focus more on the leopard underwear.


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