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Korean Poetry and Mental Floss

Posted on: June 19, 2011 is a great site.  I’ve learned so much random historical Korean stuff and spent way too much time reading this guy’s blog.  I came across it while googling Ahn Jung Geun who by the way is a bad ass boss.  tl;dr Ahn was a scholar/revolutionary/murderer/writer who was executed by the Japanese after Ahn assassinated a Japanese general during Japan’s occupation of Korea.    Even though he was a murderer, the Japanese prison guards loved the guy.  He was renown for his calligraphy and respected for his social and political ideas.  But my favorite random thing about him is that he signed all his works with a print of his left hand which was missing part of his ring finger.

Oops tangent.  Getting back to poetry, Daily Korean posted up this poem by Yi Won Ik and damn if it isn’t….poetic.

Could the thousand branches of a green willow capture the fleeting springtime wind?
What could butterflies do to prevent the flowers they love from withering?
No matter how great one’s love, how could it make a leaving flame stay?

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