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We Got Married

Posted on: June 18, 2011

David Oh and Kwon Risae of MBC’s Birth of a Great Star/Star Audition are the new couple on We Got Married and today was their first meeting.  I guess the MBC production team is getting ready to remove one of the other couples (probably NichKhun and Victoria).

The first episode saw the two meeting as future husband and wife.  Their mission was to present a surprise event for a group of lovebirds.  The two decided to sing and arrived at Big Hit Entertainment’s rehearsal room where they practiced “Can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John.  I always find it interesting that all these entertainment companies expound the evils of watching illegally streaming content yet they do it themselves.  How often have I seen clips of celebrities going on youtube to find a particular song or clip?  Kettle meet pot I say.  Not that David and Risae have done anything hypocritical here.  Its just something I noticed.

Anywayssss, Noh Jihoon aka David’s twin had met with the two previously and had coffee with them (free cotton candy with their coffee?!  what kind of genius thought of this?!!!).  While Risae went to the bathroom Jihoon told David to hold hands with Risae but David’s a classy dude, he’s not going to just grab her hand for no reason!  And by classy I mean shy.  Instead he’s going to make up a totally random reason to hold her hand.  While David and Risae practice he suggests that in the middle of the song they should hold hands, you know for the audience.  After some thought Risae agrees and the two awkwardly serenade each other barely touching skin.

So what are we supposed to call this couple?  The Dasae couple?  Kyopo couple?  Hmmm…

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