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City Hunter Episode 8 Complaint

Posted on: June 18, 2011

There is not enough sexy time on this show!

That being said I can’t believe that the show wants us to believe that Nana is an innocent little girl.  She’s a total flirt!  keke.  Every woman knows that a guy goes gaga over a woman wearing his shirt.  And where did she get those white shorts?  What woman wears shorts with their skinny jeans?  They should have gone for some realism and she should have been wearing panties or thongs.

Her outfits have been awesome tho.  While Gong Hyo Jin in Best Love is sporting the trendy over-sized clutch bags, Park Min Young has been sporting the other Korean bag trend:  the over sized satchel.

The ending was fierce!  How is our City Hunter going to save Nana?!  Or will someone come to the rescue?  OMG I can’t wait another week…actually I can.  The plot isn’t as tightly written as it could be and while I think Park and Lee are good actors there are moments of overacting that really kills particular scenes.  I feel like that director pushed for some of the more cheesy and over done moments because I really couldn’t see Lee Minho thinking “yeah I should gulp so large that my entire adams apple falls down to my balls.”

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