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BMK’s Wedding Pictures

Posted on: June 18, 2011

Are there only two wedding photographers in Korea?  Every time I see a wedding photo it’s either by Lael or Kama.  Congrats to the Big Mama!  BMK’s man is from the States and he’s supposedly a black hawk pilot.  Soldiers are hot.  I bet he’s a firefighter in his home town too.  Rwar~

The guy’s name is Larry D. Maxey so I guess she’s going to be Mrs. BMK Maxey?  Actually she wouldn’t change her last name since Korea doesn’t have that tradition.  Plus her real name is Kim Hyun Jung so in the States she’d be Mrs. Hyun-Jung Maxey or Ms. Maxey.  Come to Americaland Mrs. Maxey.  I can show you the world, shining shimmering splendid~


2 Responses to "BMK’s Wedding Pictures"

Where the heck is the groom? Is she marrying herself? Now you start omitting photos of her black husband to be? Other Korean actors, the couple are photograph together why not her?

Many Korean celebrities have actually omitted their significant other from photos if that person is not a celebrity themselves citing privacy concerns. Also the pictures were released by BMK and her company. She’s the one who omitted “photos of her black husband to be.” While Korea has its share of racist assholes many more people would have been just as happy for the couple regardless of the color of her man’s skin.

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